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As teachers, we come from many walks of life, and like you, we seek wellness and a connection to our spirit’s purpose. Reach out to us to learn what’s possible.

Today more than 100 teachers throughout North America, United Kingdom, Poland and Hungary are available to teach you this extraordinary body of work- in person and online. Come, if you are ready to begin, or continue, your journey.

Agi Fejer

Level 1 Teacher - Burnaby BC

I took The Prophet, Level One Class with Training in Power in 2007. I have never left my practice for even a day since. I instantly knew this is the comprehensive system that I had been seeking. When I earned my teacher’s degree in socialist Hungary, I was severely depressed.…Read More


Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Coquitlam BC and Warsaw Poland

Before training I always knew that there was more to life. I had this sense of wonderment and magic and Level 1 opened the door to that, amongst other things. During my journey not only did I learn many tools that I use daily, but I also got to discover…Read More

Allen Birdwell

Level 1 Teacher - Alabama

I have studied theology, healing, and metaphysical healing for more than 24 years, as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, a Thai Massage and Shiatsu therapist and have practiced Chinese Medicine. I lived in Japan in the 80’s on my quest to train in healing – for myself and others. I have followed…Read More

Amy Haugerud

Level 1 Teacher - Seattle

I have always been curious about how things work – it’s one of the fun aspects of having an engineering mind. My career as an engineer and a business owner entertained my mind for 30+ years.  Then I sold my business at just the right time and, after resting up…Read More

Anna Melnikoff

Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Toronto

I've always found myself on the front lines of new and developing knowledge, be it technological, social or cultural. My happy place is right out on the leading edge of the collective consciousness. After half a lifetime working with technology, computers and design, and dabbling as an independent seeker, I…Read More

Anne Binning

Master Warrior Program Director, Level 1 Teacher

In addition to teaching Level 1, I am a certified Personal Trainer, and the Director of this Academy’s Master Warrior Program, which brings health, longevity and fitness to our physical forms, while we pursue our spiritual path. Awesome work. We offer it by conference call. It so completely complements my passion for…Read More

Barry Lunseth

Level 1 Teacher – Calgary

As an environmental consultant and principal of Stone Edge Consulting in Calgary, I conduct environmental impact assessments using scientific disciplines to ensure that environmental issues are dealt with from a scientific perspective. It’s gratifying for me to assist businesses meet their environmental objectives. I started my spiritual journey in 1995 when I first took Level I.  Since that…Read More

Belinda Gilman

Level 1 Teacher – Ottawa Valley ON

I’ve been studying and utilizing the Training in Power meditation and energy systems, for over 15 years. I teach L1 throughout the Ottawa Valley. In the past, I was looking to help others, rather than myself, to gain a sense of worthiness. As a result, I was constantly giving my…Read More

Bernadette Wagner

Level 1 Teacher - Regina

I am an author, editor, and community-based educator who loves working with words and language, spending time in Nature and my urban garden, as well as teaching and sharing what I’ve learned. Growing up on a small family farm on Treaty 4 territory, the traditional lands of the nêhiyawak, Anihšināpēk,…Read More

Betsy Snyder

Level 1 Teacher - West Seattle

I’ve been in the healing arts since 1997, as a bodyworker and a Reiki Practitioner, and more recently, as a teacher of movement through the Feldenkrais Method and yoga. Born and raised on the east coast, I moved to Seattle in 1997, seeking my destiny and looking for like minded…Read More

BettyLynn Mueller

Level 1 Teacher - Regina

I am passionate about living my best life and helping others find theirs.  I consider this teaching as "tools for life" supporting wholeness of the self in a world of both energy and matter. This is similar to working out, with a focus on building and strengthening the energetic/spiritual muscle.  Through active…Read More

Brian Michael Anderson

Level 1 Teacher – Vancouver

I presently enjoy being a sales/manager and Travel Consultant which I have been doing since 2005, and was in banking for 23 years previously. I have always enjoyed providing customer service in one form or another. I am also a certified Reflexologist which I love offering to people with life-challenging…Read More

Bryony Hollick

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

I am a Vancouver-based performer and artist, and I love the life I have created for myself! However, that wasn't always the case. I didn't grow up seeing aura colours, having visions, and I never experienced any kind of spiritual phenomena. Scientifically-minded, I didn't believe in God or religion or…Read More

Caitlin Forsey

Level 1 Teacher - Victoria BC

I am a research and design consultant based in Victoria, British Columbia. My spiritual journey began in 2008 shortly after my aunt introduced me to this work. I was struggling with anxiety about the high expectations of my graduate program at UBC. I was also feeling depressed about leaving a…Read More

Carolynè PhillipèBaptistè

Level 1 Teacher - Toronto

My spiritual journey started exceedingly early at age 9. I witnessed my cousin falling from an extremely high tree, hitting the large branches on the way down. She got up, dusted herself off, confirmed to me that she was ok, and we proceeded to walk home from school. She was…Read More

Cherie Stambach

I started my journey with Training in Power in 1995.  As a young child, I wanted to escape the sadness I always felt, and often felt alone and misunderstood.  I knew there was magic and beauty, as I felt it in the earth, the sky, and in the animals around…Read More

Christina Willings

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

In 2001, I was a frustrated artist in an awful relationship, working as an on-set dresser for a television series, where I found crew dynamics draining, exhausting and undermining. I had been on a healing path for a few years, but I knew I was profoundly stuck, so when a…Read More

Christine Carmichael

Level 1 teacher

I was searching for a long time! I tried church as a child, and cycled through mysticism as a teen, finding tai chi and yoga as an adult. My journey finally led me to training in Power, and there I found the magic that I knew this world was capable…Read More

Christopher Fleck

Level 1 Teacher – Vancouver, New York

Thinking about it now, I realize that I was a seeker for many years.  But it wasn’t until life-changing events occurred at age 28 that I realized a need to explore what was keeping me caught in patterns that were preventing me from living the life that I wanted to…Read More

Dianna Galante

Level 1 Teacher - Seattle

Dianna Galante, M.Ed. Born a Seeker, lover of nature with a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for life, I spent years exploring various systems in an attempt to discover answers to the big questions of life.  Why am I here?  Where did I come from?  What is the meaning of life?…Read More

Drew Carmichael

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver Island (Online)

I took Level 1 more than 15 years ago; it was the continuation of a spiritual journey I start in my late 20’s and early 30’s. At that time, I was in a successful, but ultimately unfulfilling corporate job, I knew I was looking for something different but really had…Read More

Elinor Svoboda

Level 1 and 2 Teacher – Toronto

I am a Toronto based filmmaker, writer and arts educator. My spiritual journey started in my mid-teens when my best friend died of cancer and left me wanting answers to the big questions of life. This curiosity has driven my creative practice and led my healing and spiritual journey. Through…Read More

Erika Ebbeson

Level 1 and 2 Teacher & Children's Course Teacher – Kirkland WA, Milwaukee WI, Austin TX

I feel fortunate to have been called to the healing arts very early in life– right there in the window box where I opened my bird hospital at the age of 3! In healing practices since 1995, I have extensive areas of training in biodynamic cranialsacral and cardiovascular therapy, dreamwork…Read More

Faye Fitzgerald

Founder – Training in Power™ Academy

Faye Fitzgerald is the Founder, curriculum developer, and teacher of this extraordinary educational system called Training in Power™. Now celebrating 36+ years , this Academy offers more than 25 courses in self-empowerment, spiritual advancement, meditation techniques and energetic healing work, and is taught in Canada, the US, and Europe by…Read More

Hilary Boucher

Level 1 Teacher - Toronto

I’ve been working in health and wellness for over 10 years, and I see a strong correlation between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. With this awareness, I enjoy wearing many hats and working with a variety of clients through personal training, manual therapy, doula support and teaching meditation.…Read More

Jacob Lay

Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Toronto ON

In my early 20s I decided that I needed to learn how to meditate. Not just from a book, because that never seemed to work, but from a real live Teacher. Within a few days I was connected to a Training in Power Teacher, registered for Level 1 and off…Read More

Jane Morrell

Level 1 Teacher - Nova Scotia

In 1997, when I took the foundation course, Level I: The Prophet, I noticed an immediate improvement in my physical health, including relief from chronic joint pain. Using the tools of the course I quit cigarettes after years of failed attempts. From there, teaching Level 1 became a goal for…Read More

Jane Oxenbury

Level 1 Teacher - Calgary

I have a Masters in Counselling Psychology and have worked as a therapist, teacher and trainer for over 26 years.  I am an active volunteer and advocate in my community. I am also a parent and grandparent. I have always been committed to assisting others to rediscover themselves and heal…Read More

Jean Bruce

Level 1 Teacher – Regina

I am honoured to teach this unique system that guides people to achieve a deeper sense of self and how to make choices to enrich and bring meaning to life. I began teaching this powerful work in 2011.  My own journey began in 2007 when I was searching for a…Read More

Jean Shelemey

Level 1 - 5 Teacher - Vancouver

I started my career as an Economist in corporate business.  During my 15 years in this field, I became aware of the need to integrate body, mind and spirit in our fast-paced society. I started training as a teacher and alternative healer 25 years ago. I have been a full…Read More

Jennifer Ross

Level 1 Teacher - Kitchener/Waterloo ON

I am a mother, a writer and a communicator.  I have always identified as a mother; long before I had my own children, I nurtured and took care of those around me. I instinctively knew what others wanted and was resourceful to fulfill those needs.  What I didn’t realize was that all…Read More

Jessica Galante

Level 1 Teacher - Irvine, CA

I am a truth seeker, an avid life learner and enjoy discovering more about myself, others, and the world around me through each pathway of curiosity I wander down. I discovered Training in Power Academy in 2018 and Level 1 changed my life. Activating a mission to reconnect to my…Read More

Jodi Finley

Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Toronto

I’ve been teaching Training in Power, a magnificent system, for over 20 years. I have also been working in the corporate world for the last 20 years. The foundation of my life and career success is based on me carving out a deeply meaningful spiritual connection with myself and others…Read More

Joel Motiuk

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

As a small child I knew that there was something, some force, something great, something powerful and magical that I was a part of. I had no language for it, no way to communicate it and no expression for it in the world around me. I felt alone in this…Read More

John Waye

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a yoga teacher. As a counsellor, my specialty is somatic trauma therapy which involves tuning in to your own body and paying attention to areas that are causing sensations and noticing those parts that are numb. Yoga is also about feeling your body…Read More

Juli Butler

Level 1 - 6 Teacher North America

I have always been a seeker.  A seeker of knowledge, of healing, of a way of truly helping others -  a way to help the world change and grow. I searched many years for a teacher, and almost gave up hope of finding one.  I met many healers and teachers, but…Read More

June Savage

Level 1 Teacher - Moose Jaw

As a I child I grew up in a home of natural healers, where spiritual exploration and supernatural phenomenon were talked about openly.  I explored several religious denominations as a child and by age 13, decided that I was not going to find what I was seeking in a traditional…Read More

Kasara D’Elene

Level 1 Teacher - Snohomish WA

Searching for answers to my life questions, society directed me to achieving degrees in Science, Psychology, and Naturopathy. Still having questions that schooling did not answer led me to Training In Power.  This training has given me a road map to follow for my life and I am grateful I…Read More

Katarina Loncar

Level 1 Teacher - Kitchener-Waterloo

I am a parent, a spouse, and a business professional.  My spiritual journey started in my 20’s and deepened when I took Level 1 in 2010.  Since then, I have learned to feel greater joy and fulfilment and have an underlying sense of deeper purpose in my life.  I have…Read More

Katherine Macdonald

When I found this work or more accurately, this work found me, I was surrounded by darkness. I was living a hard life not by a conscious choice but by circumstances in my life that led me to that place I was once in. Stepping into Level 1 provided the…Read More

Kelley Wright

Level 1 to 4, and Children's Course Teacher

(Offered in person in Vernon BC and globally online) I feel it is important to know who you really are, to live in The Truth versus a version of the truth. Personally, the courses have liberated me. Now as a teacher of this profound work, I facilitate in liberating others…Read More

Kimberly Bowen

Level 1, 2 and Children Course Teacher – Seattle

I walk the spiritual path with practical feet, rooted in the worlds of business, physical training, and parenting. In addition to teaching meditation, I train children and adults in kung fu and self defense and work as a champion for the environment. I bring more than 20 years of meditation…Read More

Kris Steinnes

Level 1 and 2 Teacher, Seattle

I started in my Training in Power™ courses in 1991, so have been continuing my spiritual evolution through this amazing journey in TIP  for 25 years! Level 2 was a transformative year for me when I manifested my life’s work of bringing women together in community after shedding old patterns and…Read More

Laura Dressler

Level 1, 2, 3, 4 Teacher - Vancouver and Seattle

I believe that everyone has an inherent right to be living powerfully and in wellness. My passion is coaching, teaching and training those who wish to be living at full potential. I offer several programs in career transitions, wellness coaching, and consciousness/mindfulness. I find the Training in Power™ system truly a…Read More

Laura Stanley

Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and Children's Course Teacher – North America

I have been a faculty member with Training in Power since 2006. Although teaching this incredible work has been a dream come true, I am also very fortunate to be a mother, wife, businesswoman, teacher, avid cook, and gardener.  Spiritual topics have interested me since my college days because I…Read More

Laurie Marum

Level 1, 2 and 3 Teacher - Seattle WA

My destiny has always been to help others.  Throughout my life my friends have found me to be a good listener and eventually I went into the social work field.  I found my love of teaching when I was an Assistant Professor of Social Work at the University of Alaska…Read More

Leslie Robinson

Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Calgary, Victoria and Online

As a child, I grew up in the raw power of nature of the west coast beaches and mountains and knew myself as magical, powerful and strong. But then bit by bit, I was not seen, and I shut down my inner light and became the ‘good girl’ who followed…Read More

Lisa Voisin

Level 1, 2, 3, and Archetype Course Teacher – North Vancouver and Online

I began my journey with the Training in Power™ Academy as a student in 1999. Though I’d been a seeker my whole life, this work helped me develop a deeper relationship with myself and has given me the courage and the tools I needed to achieve my dreams. I’ve been…Read More

Lori Fuglem

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

After many years working these systems, I am happy to teach Training in Power Level 1. This work has supported me through many changes in my life. Right from the first class, I found new ease with myself and others. The shielding provided immediate relief. There is a powerful energy…Read More

Lynne Brochu

Level 1 Teacher - Moose Jaw

Fellow Dreamer & Seeker, I’m so grateful & joyful that you found your way here at the exact right time that is this very moment. Having read & worked one-on-one with over 10,000 clients logging 40,000 hours over a combined 30 years of working in both holistic physical therapy &…Read More

Maggie Brochu

Level 1 Teacher - Moose Jaw

Hello!  I am Maggie Brochu from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  I have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 chihuahua pugs as fur grandbabies.  I began studies in Usui Reiki in 2014 and quickly became a Reiki Master Teacher.  I am a retired elementary school teacher. I witnessed a huge transformation of a…Read More

Maggy Davidson

Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Salmon Arm BC

I’ve been a way shower and a healer for more than 40 years.  Being psychic is something I wasn’t aware of until later in life, primarily because I didn’t know that others seldom had the “knowing” that I did. I was always fascinated with new age concepts, and commenced my…Read More

Marcy Findley

Level 1 Teacher - Seattle

I feel so much gratitude for having found this work early in my adult life. I have been doing Training in Power Academy Course work for 26 years. This is a way of life for me; life is rich and has meaning. This work has helped me understand my natural…Read More

Margaret Tanner

Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Seattle

I open my brief biography with parts of 3 Rumi quotes: “What you seek is seeking you. I know you’re tired but come, this is the way. Look inside yourself:  everything that you want, you are already that.”   These 3 partial quotes speak to me about my 30 years…Read More

Marisa Volpe

Level 1, 2, 3, 4 Teacher - Toronto

Life is a magnificent Grand Design. It invites us to live a remarkable adventure … fully awake, fully engaged, fully alive. A life of love, purpose, power, service. The choice is ours. I was a child healer. I came in with that memory and naturally gravitated to helping and healing…Read More

Marla Simlett

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

I have a Masters’ degree in counselling psychology and worked as a therapist for eight years with both children and adults. I currently work in human resources, with a focus on workplace wellness. I am passionate about helping others to find their optimal health and well-being - leaving behind old…Read More

Matthew Craig

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

I began my journey with Training in Power over two decades ago, when I met a healer who did remarkable energy work with me. Every time I saw her, not only would I feel great, but things in my world would change for the better around me. One day she…Read More

Megan Gerace

Level 1 Teacher - Lake Country BC

The Gift of Level 1 showed up in my life at a time I was really open to know more about who, what and how I really am. I gave myself this gift! A friend and I completed the course in March 2000. As a very kinaesthetic and empathic young…Read More

Michelle Dearborn

Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Regina

I began this profound work with Training in Power™ a decade ago when searching for someone to teach me how to protect myself from negative energy. I had been working as an energy healer and was picking up the symptoms of my clients. The crystals and stones of protection just…Read More

Nancy Cullinan

Graduate Coordinator, Level 1 Teacher - Bothell, WA

I am a teacher, a healer and a deep feeler. Animals are incredibly important to me, especially my two pups. I have been in Training In Power for 20 years now, and in that time I have awakened a wonderful knowing within myself. The Training has helped me to understand…Read More