"When you allow yourself to remember that you truly are a multidimensional being, you begin experiencing yourself in an expanded way. What previously was believed to be supernatural becomes natural. Then you realize that now you can see what has always been there, but remained hidden to you as you chose to see something else." Raphael Zernoff

Introduction to Level I – The Prophet

Powerful, magical and transformative, Level I offers those seeking clarity, truth and change, the opportunity to manifest a life of passion and choice.

At a Level I Intro session you will

  • learn about what the course offers
  • experience a guided meditation in the Training in Power™ format
  • receive an energy healing


1 to 1.5 hours

Held throughout Canada and the Greater Seattle Area


For more information about any of the Level I Intro Sessions, contact us.


Join us at an Intro Session

  • The teacher hosting this event will be in touch with you shortly with location details! Our Intro Sessions are about 1.5 hours long, packed full of learning and fun. We will share a meditation with you and offer Energy Healings to everyone. Bring friends, all are welcome!