Bryony Hollick

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

I am a Vancouver-based performer and artist. I didn’t grow up seeing aura colours, having visions, and I never experienced any kind of spiritual phenomena. Scientifically-minded, I didn’t believe in God or religion or anything remotely ‘woo.’ Then I hit rock-bottom in my life, and desperate, I started searching for ways to feel better. I explored various types of counselling and systems of meditating which all helped somewhat, but were not the answer for me.

Then I discovered Training in Power, and I had a feeling that this was what I was looking for. I took Level 1, but I wasn’t ready to do the work (there is work!), and I went deeper into depression. As a last-ditched effort, in 2002 I started meditating and using the tools I learned.

Within a couple of weeks, I was shocked to experience a world I never knew existed – a world of light, love, colour, and magnificence. It was like I had been living in dark room with someone constantly talking and criticizing me, and suddenly I could see a door, go outside, and find a vast sunshine-warm blue ocean beach.

My life is far richer for it, and I found a purpose and passion that I had not allowed myself to believe I could have. I went from doing administrative jobs that felt soul-squashing to creating a career that I love. I learned that the spiritual is scientific, and I am honoured to now teach the tools that helped me.

A teacher since 2014, my goal is to help you find your own blue ocean beach, and create a life you absolutely adore.

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Bryony Hollick's upcoming courses:

  • Level 1
    • May 24, 2022 - June 14, 2022
      6:00 pm - 9:30 am

      Teacher: Bryony Hollick

      Held on 4 consecutive Tuesdays starting May 24 at 6:00 pm (Pacific)