Jodi Finley

Level 1 and 2 Teacher - Toronto

I’ve been teaching Training in Power, a magnificent system, for over 20 years. I have also been working in the corporate world for the last 20 years. The foundation of my life and career success is based on me carving out a deeply meaningful spiritual connection with myself and others by leveraging this powerful and effective system of meditation and healing.

I had been searching for a Spiritual Teacher back in 1996, and within a year I took Level 1. I knew from that class that this system was based on the true meaning of Universal Love and self-empowerment. I am dedicated to following a path of light, love and enlightenment and to illuminating that same path for others if they choose it.

I welcome you to come train with me if you are curious and want to live a rich and deeply purposeful life.

I teach in person courses, as well as online courses internationally.


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Jodi Finley's upcoming courses:

  • Level 1
    • June 12, 2023 - July 3, 2023
      7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Level 1
    • May 29, 2023 - June 19, 2023
      7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

      Teacher: Jodi Finley. Classes held on 4 consecutive Mondays starting May 29 at 7:00pm (Eastern).