Marcy Findley

Level 1 Teacher - Seattle

I feel so much gratitude for having found this work early in my adult life. I have been doing Training in Power Academy Course work for 26 years. This is a way of life for me; life is rich and has meaning. This work has helped me understand my natural gifting and provided me with tools to thrive in this World.

I remember when I took level I, I felt better than I had in a very long time. I remember feeling very energized and having a sense of an inner peace. Scientifically, it has been shown that meditation builds a better cell. Meditation brings about rejuvenation so that healing can occur on deep levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. That has been my experience with this work.

Additionally, I have found that this work has practical applications, including in business, relationships, parenting and in my career as a Human Resources Professional where my intuition and comprehension are valuable tools.

We are an accepting spiritual community of unique and diverse individuals from all walks of life who have a similar mission of bringing Light, Love, Health and Wellness to the people, animals and our planet.

If you could change your world and the greater World through holding a Wavelength of Love, Would you? If you feel called to this path of light, then as a Way Shower, it would be my honor to teach you Level 1.