Training in Power™ Academy teaches a unique energetic healing system, incorporating course work, a meditation system that engages the ‘active mind’, and healing practice. Learners are introduced to the concepts and relationship between quantum physics, vibrational psychology and ancient energy systems and how to safely manifest a life of passion and personal wellness.

Courses were first introduced in 1986 by Faye Fitzgerald, a University of Western Ontario graduate, social worker and advocate for vulnerable clients. Faye’s original intent was to assist those in the healing, health care, and social services areas, who were suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and other debilitating effects.  In response, she developed a course that was simply called “Level I”.  Today there are eighteen Levels of training; a host of ancillary courses in specific areas of study; a Master Warriors Program; and various workshops.

Heal the Self – Heal the World™

Our mission is to provide the tools and information for your self-empowerment and healing. To facilitate your learning, we offer a community of learning, self-discovery, and answers to all that may have seemed unanswerable in the past. The Training in Power™ community is a place to seek support, to offer support, and to honour your spirit.

Why “train to your power”?

In our world, we are trained to focus only on what we can see with our eyes. We are often taught to ignore what we “see”, “hear”, “feel” and “know”. Yet what goes on outside of us is determined by what goes on inside of us.

Training in Power™ invites you to become reacquainted with your own true nature as a being of both the physical (matter) and of energy (spirit) – an energy which can be transformed.  With these courses, you will transform your life through applying the science of power and healing systems that will free you from unhealthy patterns and habits and bring you to a deeper sense of your true Self. Ultimately you learn how to have conscious choice in your life once more.

To find out more about us, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section for great information on the many aspects of this training, and our testimonials area offers students’ comments on the course work. Meanwhile, if we can answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to serving you in your quest for knowledge.



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Podcast on The Spirit of Purpose with Founder Faye Fitzgerald

Meditation and Imagination, what’s the connection?

Apr 30, 2024

As someone who is always fostering both my creative and meditation practice, I often find myself asking big questions about the connection between meditation and creativity. Are spiritual people more creative? Does meditation access your imagination? Or are these two different states?  I reached out to award winning author and senior faculty member of the…

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Are you a psychic sponge? Three ways to stop sucking it up.

Feb 29, 2024

Picture this scene: You’re at a party interacting with fun people, laughing and feeling good. A friend approaches, who you had noticed wasn’t looking so great when you entered the room. They start to share the contents of their depressing day and before you know it, your own mood starts to drop. They finish their…

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Does Spiritual awareness enhance Soft Skills? The new Leadership of the future

Jan 26, 2024

Last year, I decided to move exclusively to remote work. It was a difficult commitment to make after the bumpy have-to online days of the pandemic. I am a very intuitive person who loves collaboration and wasn’t sure if remote working would leave me feeling disconnected and unsatisfied.  I’ll admit – It’s definitely been a…

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A Gift for You: Heal the Soul Series

Dec 21, 2023

It’s the holiday season! Parties, food, travel, gift giving…While you might be checking off a gift giving list for others, remember to also include yourself! What gifts will you receive in 2024? Here at the Academy, we’d like to share the gift of the Heal the Soul Series. This 10 part workshop and podcast series…

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Following your dreams: The work of transformation

Nov 28, 2023

This past summer, my partner and I packed up our family and moved across the country to open a new chapter of our lives and follow our dreams. It was a big move on many levels and after six months of preparing, traveling, unpacking and landing in our new life, we were ready to embrace…

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Three tips for better inner-communication

Oct 22, 2023

If you boil down most relationship conflicts to one thing, it’s communication. Or rather, miscommunication!  But how does this play out in the most important relationship we have? No, not with our family or life partner, our relationship with ourselves. In our foundational course, we teach that our external relationships are often a type of…

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Meditation and Movement Part 2: The language of Pain

Sep 11, 2023

Is our physical form a part of our spiritual path? What about physical pain? We brought these questions to senior faculty member Anne Binning, director of the Master Warriors Program. In part 2 of our Meditation and Movement series, she explores the role of physical pain in our spiritual evolution. In your years of coaching…

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Meditation and movement Part 1: An interview with Anne Binning

Aug 25, 2023

In preparation for our September blog post featuring Anne Binning, we are sharing an interview with Anne from 2019, which reads just as relevant today as it did then, if not more! Enjoy! Anne is senior faculty member of the Training in Power Academy and the director of the Master Warriors Program. In Anne’s own…

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Are you a Spiritual Adult? 3 things that can hold you back.

Jun 8, 2023

The term Spiritual Adult is something we introduce in our Foundational course, Level 1. We use it to describe the maturity that comes with taking responsibility for your spiritual path, choices and overall wellbeing.  While we all automatically become adults biologically, Spiritual Adulthood can come at any time in life, or not at all! One…

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The Energetics of Relationships: Are you Yin or Yang?

May 3, 2023

Be it romantic, friendship, family or business, relationships are a cornerstone of the human experience. We are all made up of male and female energies, described in the East as Yin and Yang. We reached out to Faye Fitzgerald, founder of the Training in Power™ Academy to chat about how we can better understand Yin and Yang to…

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Soul Expansion Podcast: Expansion and Exploration for the Curious mind

Mar 27, 2023

Hello – Elinor here! As content creator for the Training in Power Blog, it was my pleasure to be interviewed for the Soul Expansion Podcast by Spiritual Healer and Training in Power Faculty member, Jessica Galante. On this podcast, Jessica and I discuss the role of meditation in leading a creative life and I share…

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The sacred language of pets: Interview with Pet Psychic Cherie Stambach

Mar 1, 2023

Cherie Stambach is a faculty member of the Training in Power Academy and renowned pet psychic. She joined us to share her journey of claiming her gifts as a pet psychic and her passion for sharing her love of the animal kingdom with others.  What does it mean to be a pet psychic? How did…

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But I WANT to meditate. Why is it so hard?

Jan 23, 2023

Breathe in…Breath out…focus on your breath…(SHOPPING LIST…carrots, bread)…ahem! Breathe in…Breathe out…Connect to the light…(THAT WORK EMAIL I DIDN’T ANSWER! Shoot, should I do it now? Maybe I’ll do it now and then get back to meditating)…Ok. What was I doing again?! Oh yeah…Breathe in…Breathe out… Does this inner dialogue sound familiar? If so, you are…

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Out of the hustle and into the feeling of the season

Dec 22, 2022

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” sings the classic Christmas carol across the speakers. I’m rushing around the kitchen, having just finished dinner for the family and a long work day. Being a college professor, things ramp up before they wind down at this time of year and trying to keep all the…

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Meditation and the science of weekend recovery

Dec 1, 2022

Everyone needs a day or two to unwind in a week, but how we spend that time might be more important that we realize. A recent article in Psychology today looks at the science behind Weekend Recovery and how we can use it to make a more sustainable work-life balance. With 3 in 5 American…

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