Welcome! Training in Power™ Academy offers courses and workshops that teach you to connect to your higher level of consciousness. The Academy's unique energetic system is designed to help you open to your full potential through course work, meditation practice and energetic healings. Uniquely, we use our Power Transference™ Technique, giving you the ability to reach heightened and sustained states of awareness.

The course work is rich in content and each course is based on both ancient and modern systems. Science and spirituality are intricately woven into the content. Students learn an efficient system of energy work that enhances health and well-being on every level.

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Course Overview

Level 1 - The Prophet

This amazing course provides a foundation for the Academy’s core “level” courses and allows you to open to your own knowing of the metaphysical world. Start your journey to self-love and wellness here. In 4 short weeks you will transform.

Level 2 - Ancient Shamanism

This is the plane of transformation.  It is a holy plane. You must understand and come to grips with your own power, your own divinity — and this — this only — is the way into power. Level 2 is a fascinating journey into creating the reality in which you wish to live.

Level 3 - Tibetan Mastery

Level 3 is a journey into Self. This course takes you to a place of knowing - a place of power, will, intent, drama, and mystery. Open to an exalted sense of self-expression, passion, your destiny, and your connection to the creative forces of the universe.