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As teachers, we come from many walks of life, and like you, we seek wellness and a connection to our spirit’s purpose. Reach out to us to learn what’s possible.

More than 100 teachers throughout North America are available to teach you this extraordinary body of work. Come, if you are ready to begin, or continue, your journey.

Robyn McTague

Level 1, 2 and Children's Course Teacher - Richmond BC

I began my training with TIPA in 2001, after treatment for breast cancer. I was looking for a way to return to work and found the shielding and grounding worked immediately, within the first week I was beginning to feel  better. I currently teach Level 1 and Level 2, and…Read More

Rosanna Ferrer

Level 1, 2, 3 and Children's Course Teacher – Port Moody BC

As a Registered Nurse, I found Training in Power™ Level 1 through an interest in using Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch modalities in my Nursing practice. Being raised a Roman Catholic, I had been on a quest for truth and spiritual knowledge my whole life, but it was the Training…Read More

Sharon Mackintosh

Level 1 Teacher - United Kingdom

I took Level One over twenty years ago when I was suffering from severe chronic illness and, to be honest, didn't know where to turn.  I live in England and at that time Level One was only available in Canada, and I remember having to be taken by wheel chair…Read More

Sharon Storoschuk

Level 1 Teacher – Vancouver

I love what I do. I am a Cranial Sacral therapist, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) licensed practitioner, Reiki Master, intuitive energy healer and certified mind-body-spirit meditation teacher.  My goal is to assist my clients in finding their true essence.  I lead them on a journey of stillness. I took my first…Read More

Shaughna Born

I am an avid researcher, a collector of legends, myths and stories as well as any interesting trinket of knowledge that catches my fancy. I am a Teacher of Level 1 as well as being the Teacher of the 3 Language Band classes, which explore (among other things) how we…Read More

Suzanne Radford

Hello Folks, I am StoneFeather EagleBear Medicine Wymoon. I am of Talhltan descent, I love being a Majikal  conscious  being and am here to assist with your healing soul journey. I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge. I invite you in. Let's walk the good medicine path together. Blessings to…Read More

Toni Provins

Level 1-4, Children Courses, Relationship 1 Teacher - Canada and Mexico

I love to push on the parameters of what All is possible in life.  I never have just one home, I live in Both Canada and Mexico.  I'm not just a Teacher and Healer in this system, I come with over 35 years of training energetically as a Shaman, Reiki…Read More

Tracy Knutson

Level 1 Teacher - Saskatchewan

First thing you should know about me – I have always believed in magic. You too?     As a prairie girl born and raised in Saskatchewan, I am grateful to live, work and play on Treaty 4 Territory.  The path I walk is rooted in supporting groups and individuals to create paths to community, connection and…Read More

Tracy Rockwell

Level 1 Teacher - Port Moody BC

I’ve been a civil engineer in British Columbia for over 20 years. I have always liked the structure and order of the profession. It makes sense of things. Yet at heart, I’m also a free spirit. My passion is about being in nature and the wild, tuning to that quiet,…Read More

Ty Woolner

Level 1 Teacher - Toronto

As a child, I thought I just a had an overactive imagination. As a teenager, I lived with feelings of fear, shame and isolated myself.  As a young adult, I found myself rebelling and getting into any trouble I could find, and I struggled with abusive patterns.  It wasn’t until…Read More

Vals Fauquier

Level 1, 2 and 3 Teacher – Burnaby BC

My driving passion is to help people shift their inner compass so they can stay on the path of living a destiny-driven life. To witness students achieve the freedom to make new choices, and aspire to greatness, is my greatest reward. I feel blessed to call myself a teacher and…Read More

Vinette Zabriskie

Level 1 Teacher – Seattle

I came into this world to be a healer! I knew, even as a little girl, that I wanted to help people heal. I decided to go into the medical field and became a physician. I am a Board Certified Gynecologist. In my day to day workings with patients I…Read More

Wanda Knisley

Level 1 Teacher - Ontario

When I was in the process of completing my executive coaching program, I met a coach who was incredibly intuitive and her presence was amazing. After getting to know her, I learned she practiced meditation and I was intrigued. Shortly after I started researching meditation, a friend of mine asked…Read More