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Connect with the Power of your Soul to heal, grow, manifest and prosper. Training in Power™ Academy's meditation and healing courses engage the active mind, with profound results. Connect with the power of the Universe and find out how Unlimited you are. Join a free Intro Session and see what it's all about!


Training in Power™ Academy offers courses and workshops that teach you to connect to your higher level of consciousness. Come if you are looking for a change.

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There are more than 100 teachers at Training in Power™ Academy in Canada and the US. They are expertly trained and experienced teachers and healers.

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Training in Power™ Academy teaches a unique energetic healing system, incorporating course work, a meditation system that engages the ‘active mind’, and healing practice.

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"I began my journey studying Faye Fitzgerald’s course work in 1997, and it has had the most profound and transformative impact on my life in every area of my health, wellness, and spiritual well-being."

A.M. – Toronto, Ontario


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