The Sound of…silence? How to know if you’re clairaudient

Do you think you might be psychic? Or maybe sensitive to energy? Most people have an inkling that there is more to this reality then what you can tangibly experience. In our foundational course of Level 1, we understand that each person has their own system of interpreting energy that is as unique as a fingerprint. We work with helping each individual identify their style of sensing energy so that they can learn to utilize it for their benefit.

Within this process, there are three modalities that most people can relate to: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.

So the question might not be are you psychic, but how are you psychic?

Last month we looked at the gift of Clairvoyance, the ability to see and perceive energy. By profiling each gift (yes, it’s a gift!), we hope that this series will help you relate to how and what you might be ‘picking up’ out there in the energy world!


If energy had a sound, what would it be? The answer is unique to each person as the look of energy for a clairvoyant or the feeling for a clairsentient. But there are a few common trends to how people hear energy.

It sounds creepy, but clairaudient’s often hear voices or rather, the voice. Many of us have many influences going on with our internal dialogue, but the voice of clairaudience is the voice of our spirit that guides us and tells us the truth. This comes from a different place then the inner critic or the old tapes that repeat the same old doubts or fantasies. Clairaudient people often hear tones, frequencies and harmonics when they are working with others as healers. If someone is lying, a clairaudient might not be able to understand what they are saying, or will hear the truth behind what someone is trying to cover up.

When it’s awesome: There is a lot of nuance that clairaudients perceive through the tonal nature of our reality. They can read a lot from the tone of someone’s voice and are highly perceptive healers when reading the harmonic balance of a body. The sounds of nature are magical and soothing for a clairaudient and can bring them into a meditative or heightened state with ease. They are often lover’s of music and will use music and sound in creative ways.

When it hurts: Clairaudient’s often struggle to manage noisy environments and the noise pollution of everyday modern living. It can take a psychic practitioner longer to meet their clairaudient gift, as many people shut down their hearing from a young age, challenged by the discordance of not only a discordant world, but the complicated way that humans communicate. Challenges with clairaudience can show in ultra-sensitivity to sound, and physically with ear infections or even balance issues in the inner-ear.

How to work with it: Cultivating a meditation position is key to navigating a gift like clairaudience. In order to sift through the layers of sonic information your are likely receiving, you need to be able to connect to a sense of silence or peace. Sometimes this means using the breath to breathe into the noise on the inhale, and then release it on the exhale. Once you have a reference point of silence, then you can start to discern what you are hearing and the nature of what it is communicating. If you do have a guiding voice that speaks to you, remember it will always be kind and helpful, nothing else. Making more room for this connection will open doors to a magical way of living, where you always have access to your inner wisdom and guidance.

Notes from a Level 1 teacherSusan Forest:

For most of my life I have been aware that I have an acute sense of hearing, seemingly being able to hear a pin drop from quite a distance. Sitting near to someone who was chewing loudly or crinkling a food wrapper was and still is actually painful. This hearing sensitivity actually shows up as a marker and is identified in DNA testing.

It was only when I began to work the energetic systems of Training Power Academy that I started to recognize my intense sense of hearing was not a distraction but an actual gift. For example, I began to notice how frequently I would know when someone was thinking of me. I would hear their voice in my mind and then the phone would ring with them on the other side. At first I was not aware this came through hearing but as time went on I began to accept this as part of the gift of clairaudience. 

After many years of working with this gift I now, for the most part, am able to trust the guidance I receive from Source through hearing. I have learned to listen with a discerning ear for the peace filled sound of Source. This connection to Source and my Higher Self brings me great comfort and a sense of profound peace.