I feel you! How to know if you are Clairsentient

Do you think you might be psychic? Or maybe sensitive to energy? Most people have an inkling that there is more to this reality then what you can tangibly experience. Maybe you recognize where there is a bad or good ‘vibe’ when you walk into a room, or you think of a friend a minute before you get their text message.  Sensing energy is woven into our every day lives, the problem is, we don’t really have a language for what we are experiencing. We can often assume that what we are feeling is “just us”, or that we are “imagining things”.

In our foundational course of Level 1, we understand that each person has their own system of interpreting energy that is as unique as a fingerprint. We work with helping each individual identify their style of sensing energy so that they can learn to utilize it for their benefit.

Within this process, there are three modalities that most people can relate to: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.

So the question might not be are you psychic, but how are you psychic?

Over the next few months, we will profiling each gift (yes, it’s a gift!) to help you relate to how and what you might be ‘picking up’ out there in the energy world!


Clairsentients interpret energy through their bodies and emotions. This can look a lot of different ways, from having goose-pimples when you hear the truth, to sensing someones emotions or physical pain in your own body. Clairsentients are often known as being empathetic, they feel for others, so deeply that they can actually experience it in their own skin.

Clairsentients experience the world through their form, not just what we feel from other people, but it can also be energy signature of nature, objects, animals and even memories. Clairsentience can also present as a type of knowing. You don’t know why and how, but you just feel the truth in your gut.

When it’s awesome: You are an amazing healer. You can pinpoint and understand people’s pain in a way that is accurate and profound. You are a deep feeler and resonate with the human experience that gives your life a lot of meaning. You connect to your spirit in a immersive, visceral way.

When it hurts: When unconscious, it is easy to confuse other people’s feelings and even physical pain with our own. Be it the anger of the person next to you on the subway or the headache of your friend of work, we often assume that it is just our pain and emotion and suck it up. This can lead to us carrying a energy load that is much heavier then it should be. Many unconscious clairsentients cope by finding ways to shut down their feelings so they don’t have to feel so much, which can lead to dissociative or addictive behaviour.

How to work with it: It seems counter-intuitive, but spending more time in your body and in your feelings will help you get to know yourself. This is the first step to understanding what is yours and what might just be intuitive information that you are reading from others and the world around you.

Notes from a Level 1 teacher – Brian Anderson:

Being a clairsentient, my body was always very sensitive to emotional shifts. Sometimes, in reaction to high stress, or emotion or just someone else’s energy, my body responds immediately with shivers or an awakening of nerve endings from top to bottom. Training in Power has helped me to not only recognize my gift as clairsentience, but I have also learned how to use my gift for my well being and to help others. I have come to recognize that I just need to pay attention to my own body and how it feels. My instincts mostly originate as a feeling in my body first which then transitions into my mind for understanding & clarity and then I can decide if an action is needed in response. Needless to say, I have gotten to know my body much better by simply listening to what it feels.