Training in Power™ Academy courses offer a unique energetic system designed to help you open to your full potential through specific course work, meditation practice, and healings. The Academy provides a safe place to learn, heal, and find answers to all those questions that has seemed unanswerable. It is a place to be supported, to offer support, and to find your spirit.
These are the questions we are most commonly asked. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, send us your question.

What is Training in Power?  What does training "in power" mean?
 Who developed this program?  How long has Training in Power been around?
 Who teaches this work?  Do I have to know how to meditate to take this course?
 What is the basis of the course content?  What is Vibrational Psychology?
What does it cost?  How long are the courses?
Which course offers learning in meditation and energy healings?  What courses are available?
Which course should I take first?  What are the specific benefits of Level I?
Where are courses taught in Canada? Where are courses taught in the US?

What is Training in Power?

Training in Power is an advanced meditation and energetic healing system. It uses vibrational psychology to help us release and heal all that prohibits us from reaching our full potential. We learn to access our natural intuition and connection to our divine power through meditation and healing work. The Ancients referred to Source or God as “The Power.” The Training in Power™ program represents the meeting of Ancient Mysticism and Quantum Physics.

What does training “in power” mean?

It is the power that allows you to reach and recognize your own power and manifestation abilities. It is a power that has always been yours and can be brought forward to your consciousness. This "power" is available to everyone should they seek it.

Who developed this program?

Faye Fitzgerald. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario Faye began her career in the social services field. She worked with a variety of vulnerable client groups and observed that many in the health and social services fields were unconsciously taking on the stress and negativity of those they were helping. Many wanted to make changes in their lives, but couldn't break free from what held them to old patterns. Faye believed she could offer some answers. She developed the Training in Power program to assist those she observed caught in cycles of negativity. See for more information on Faye.

How long has Training in Power been around?

The course called Level I was introduced in 1986 by Faye Fitzgerald in a small community in Canada. The first students of the original course experienced transformative results in their healing work, and this unique meditation and healing curriculum was launched. In 1988 the Level II Shamanic position was added. Another level followed every year or so. Today there are some 20 adult education courses offered by Training in Power™ Academy.

Who teaches this work?

There are more than eighty teachers on the faculty of Training in Power™ Academy in Canada and the US. They are expertly trained as teachers and healers, training an average of four to six years before becoming certified as teachers of the Academy. Their primary mandate is to impart information while holding a safe and healthy space for the student to attune to a wavelength of deep comprehension. Our teachers use a wavelength that raises the vibration of each student, facilitating their access to new knowledge for their benefit and growth.

Do I have to know how to meditate to take the course?

No previous experience is necessary. The mediation technique we teach is appropriate for everyone. Students have told us that it is one of the most effective methods of meditation they have ever used.  Those who had trouble meditating in the past report an ease with the techniques used in the course.

What is the basis of the course content?

The content blends the knowledge of ancient psychic societies with quantum physics and vibrational psychology. The system is based on many years of research and experimentation. Physics is the basis of all of the Training in Power™ Academy courses.
All courses include a foundation in both ancient and modern systems, intricately weaving science and spirituality together. You will learn an efficient system of energy work that will enhance your health and well-being on every level. The course work is rich in content and highly illuminating. Most students experience many ‘awakenings' in self-knowledge while taking the courses.

What is Vibrational Psychology?

Vibrational Psychology is the interplay of physics and human dynamics. Training into your power enables you to access your total potential through the study of vibrational psychology. As a
result you will develop your natural sensitivity, intuitive abilities and the comprehension of manifestation principles.

What does it cost?

Each course is different. We offer early bird and regular tuition rates in both Canada and the US. For specific tuition rates, see our Tuition Guide here.

How long are the courses?

Most courses are offered over four weeks with one class per week.  Included in your course:

  • Four 3 to 4 hour classes
  • A Certificate of Graduation on completion
  • Free audits of any Level I course for a full year following your graduation date
  • Continued training at monthly Level I meetings

The course work is experiential and time is needed to assimilate the wealth of information you will receive.

Which course offers learning in meditation and energy healings?

Every course taught by Training in Power™ includes meditation techniques which help participants continue their studies after the course is completed. A specific healing technique is also included in every course to assist the student in maintaining their newly achieved position of awareness and continued self healing.

What courses are available?

The first three courses of Training in Power™ are Level I: The Prophet, Level II: Ancient Shamanism, and Level III: Tibetan Mastery. These foundation courses are not only magical in nature, but truly life-changing for those who seek to know themselves fully.

Each level is a step along your spiritual path to reclaim your true Power and your full connection with Source. An elevation of vibration occurs in each course, which requires completion of all four classes at each level. Before moving to the next level, there are individual clearings to reinforce your learning, help clear old negativity, and maintain your newly achieved vibration.

The Foundation Courses

Level I - The Pophet - The study of grounding techniques and effective tools of assessment for energy clearing and alignment. Learn to integrate intuition into everyday life.
Level 2 - The Ancient Shamanism - The study of elemental shamanic positions from around the world from a vibrational metaphysics and healing positions.
Level 3 - Tibetan Mastery - Accessing and wielding profound healing energy.

Beyond the Foundation Courses

Level IV - Grand Mastery - Gain further access to esoteric knowledge and spiritual paths of service combined with additional enhancement of your healing and clearing systems.
Level V - XVIII - A continuing study of power, knowledge, mastery, service, and further healing.

Ancillary Courses
Many other courses and workshops are offered in the areas of prosperity, manifestation, relationships, and career. Some of the ancillary courses are:

  • Archetype
  • Anger Management
  • Prosperity
  • Communication
  • Elite Awareness
  • Inner Child
  • Relationship
  • Corporate: Get Ready!
  • Youth
  • Children


  • Discover Your Story
  • The Mirage of Stress.

See Course Descriptions for more information.

Programs - Master Warrior is a profound physical fitness program.

Which course should I take first?

Level I: The Prophet Position is the foundation course of the Training in Power™ system. This course is the first step in your journey to greater self-awareness.  There is a profound personal shift available to you in Level I. A free introductory session or a discussion with a teacher will assist in helping you decide if this work is what you seek to learn.

What are the specific benefits of Level I?

In Level I you will learn tools and techniques to:

  • Safely develop your natural instinctive intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Apply three techniques to connect to your power and knowledge.
  • Learn a highly effective shielding technique to protect yourself and those you love from negative energy
  • Help you from feeling tired or drained.
  • Wield a wavelength energy in a highly effective healing technique.
  • Manifest wellness on all levels of Self.
  • Use a unique active meditation style (appropriate for everyone, regardless of experience).

These are just a few of the concepts that will be introduced to you in Level I.  Read a full course description of Level I.

Where are courses taught in Canada?

Vancouver, Victoria, Salmon Arm/Okanagan, Kootenays, Comox, Nanaimo, Calgary, Regina, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal.

Where are courses taught in the US?

Seattle, several areas throughout Washington state, Portland, Las Vegas, Tuscon, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Academy may also send a teacher to other areas throughout North America. If you are interested in having a Training in Power™ Academy course taught in your area, please Contact Us.

"You are affecting the laws of manifestation. This is what training in power is. It's different than intellectual training. It's different than psychological work. It's different than exploring your emotions and finding yourself still in a dilemma of not knowing what the heck to do with it all."
~ Faye Fitzgerald,  Founder - Training in Power ™