Susan Forest

Level 1 Teacher - Vancouver

I am a registered clinical counsellor with a private practice in the West End of Vancouver. My passion is to help sensitive people walk with an open heart in the world, feeling safe, confident and on purpose. As well, I am a program manager in the area of counselling at the Justice Institute of BC, where I organize and develop counselling courses and certificates through the lens of social justice. I took my first level 1 course in Training in Power™ in 1998 and use the energetic systems I have learned in teaching Level 1, in my private practice, in the guided meditation sessions I run for the staff at my workplace and in my day-to-day life keeping myself centered and grounded on this Spiritual journey.

I know we are all Spirit beings here having this wonderful, sometimes challenging, human experience. Each of us holds a unique and important place in the world and is meant to live a full, rich, awakened life – in all our human passion and spiritual glory. As a teacher of TIP Level 1, together we can unlock past trauma and belief systems to reach our true potential. In a safe and gentle manner we will journey into the tremendous Grace that lives within us all.

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Susan Forest's upcoming courses:

  • Level 1
    • April 8, 2018 - April 29, 2018
      9:30 am - 12:30 pm

      Teacher: Susan Forest

      Classes held on four consecutive Sundays beginning April 8 at 9:30 am

  • Level 1
    • October 7, 2018 - October 28, 2018
      12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

      Teacher: Susan Forest

      4 consecutive Sundays starting October 7 at 12:30 pm in Vancouver/West End

  • Level 1
    • November 11, 2018 - December 2, 2018
      12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

      Teacher: Susan Forest

      Classes held on 4 consecutive Sundays starting November 11 at 12:30 pm