Do you see what I see? How to know if you are Clairvoyant.

Do you think you might be psychic? Or maybe sensitive to energy? Most people have an inkling that there is more to this reality then what you can tangibly experience. In our foundational course of Level 1, we understand that each person has their own system of interpreting energy that is as unique as a fingerprint. We work with helping each individual identify their style of sensing energy so that they can learn to utilize it for their benefit.

Within this process, there are three modalities that most people can relate to: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.

So the question might not be are you psychic, but how are you psychic?

Last month we looked at the gift of Clairsentience, the ability to feel and map energy on your own body. By profiling each gift (yes, it’s a gift!), we hope that this series will help you relate to how and what you might be ‘picking up’ out there in the energy world!


While the term “clairvoyant” may conjure up images of a neon sign for a fortune teller or online psychic, there is a everyday reality to seeing energy that goes far beyond sparkling robes and crystal balls. Being clairvoyant means you perceive energy visually, which expresses itself differently for each person. Sometimes clairvoyants can see translucent colours or movement in the energy field of others, this often comes as a quick flash and leaves you wondering if you are imagining things.  Clairvoyants often have the ability to read faces, which means that just by looking at someone, you can have a sense of how they are feeling or if they are “bright” or “dark”. Clairvoyance isn’t always just with your physical eyes. You might see energy by having dreams or visions during your meditations that are highly graphic and full of visual information. 

When it’s awesome: Life is never dull. You can learn a lot by looking at someone or through interpreting your visions and dreams, which can help you navigate your daily life and make choices in a very effective way. You are able to help others with what you see, be it illness, dark energy or letting them know that you can “see” them for who they really are. Colours have deeper meaning and you may appreciate art, clothing, architecture and nature more than most. 

When it hurts: Seeing energy would always be fun if we could just see the sparkly, shiny stuff. Unfortunately there is pain, illness and darkness out there in the energy world that is just as prevalent. Most clairvoyants shut down their gift early in life as they are not given the tools to understand or manage what they are seeing, usually as a result of being told that they are “imagining things”. This puts a damper on your sight and can create self doubt, fear and anxiety when you do actually get information. Chronic headaches and sinus issues can be a physical manifestation of blocked sight. 

How to work with it: Learning about your clairvoyance and how it works is the best way to start to use it as a tool rather than a curse. It’s important to realize that you do have a choice when it comes to getting information and translating what you see. This means that if you happen to see something spooky like a ghost, there is no need to go into fear and shut down. Simply remember that by the power of seeing it, you can actually ask it to leave! You always have free will, so always to place yourself in the drivers seat of your sensitivity so it can be a tool that deepens your life and connection with your spirit.

Notes from a Level 1 teacher – Laura Stanley:

Being a clairvoyant….I can see energy all around me.  I used to think it was just my imagination and I was making it up.  It can be as simple as seeing someone’s face in your mind and then the phone rings.  Training in Power helped me to not only understand that this is a gift but so much more.  I have learned to move past the fear of what I have seen all my life and realize that just because I saw it happening does not mean that I caused it.  In that knowing, I have embraced the beauty of this higher understanding.  I have learned that I can use this gift to help others.  When someone is feeling sick, I can look at their form and see the issue.   Or when they are feeling sad, I can see the root cause and help them identify and heal. I have learned that not only do I see things that may be unwanted that must be faced but I also see things that are wanted that I can embrace. In the end, it is all valuable and I can not only help and heal myself in this process but help others to heal as well.