The sacred language of pets: Interview with Pet Psychic Cherie Stambach

Cherie Stambach is a faculty member of the Training in Power Academy and renowned pet psychic. She joined us to share her journey of claiming her gifts as a pet psychic and her passion for sharing her love of the animal kingdom with others. 

What does it mean to be a pet psychic? How did you come to know you had this gift?

For me, it means everything.  It’s being a voice for our animal companions, whether they are on this side or the other. It is seeing their gifts and understanding what they wish to teach us.   

I was lucky to grow up with cats, dogs, and birds. As a small child I would talk to animals and I believed I could feel their feelings. Of course, I was told by the adults around me that I was wrong, that “animals don’t have feelings.”  But how many of us have poured our hearts out to our pets and found them leaning on us, putting their paws on us and looking up lovingly as they listen to us?  

I know there are so many others out there who have experienced the same thing and people who feel they are communicating with their animals but don’t believe in themselves. I hope to help people believe in the information they are receiving from their pets, so that these souls in animal forms can fulfill what they wish to learn or achieve here.

What do you find is the most common challenge for our pets? 

The most common challenge is that they try to take on things for us, specifically our pain, whether it’s physical or emotional.  They want to help us and often will do so to their own detriment.  I’m sure we’ve all heard of stories where a pet has thrown themselves in front of a human when they sense danger, or those who become ill when we do. Such pure love.

What do you think we can learn from our pets as humans?

They all have different things they wish to teach us. You may find for example, if you have physical tightness in your form, that your dog or cat will stretch a lot in front of you.  Some are extremely playful and it’s a reminder to have more joy in your life.  Depending on what a person may need in their life, there’s a good chance their pet will have that to share with them.  

Tell us about you very popular session on the Training in Power Meetup:

We start with very short intro, then a meditation, and the rest of the time is spent connecting with the attendees.  

When I connect with the attendees, I’m able to help people who are grieving a deceased pet by communicating or receiving a message from that pet on the other side. I have also helped humans know what their pet wants or needs by giving insights to their behaviours. 

I love doing these sessions, but my ultimate wish is to have people further their own connections with animals and to learn to do this work themselves. To open their hearts and minds to the beauty and love in the animal kingdom. What a world it would be if we truly were side by side with each other!

Be sure to check out Cherie’s next meetup session: March 4th at 2pm EST on meetup. Attendance is free!