Meditation and Movement Part 2: The language of Pain

Is our physical form a part of our spiritual path? What about physical pain? We brought these questions to senior faculty member Anne Binning, director of the Master Warriors Program. In part 2 of our Meditation and Movement series, she explores the role of physical pain in our spiritual evolution.

In your years of coaching people to their full health, do you feel there is wisdom the physical pain? 

Yes, there is wisdom in physical pain.  Our Spirits can attune to a Holy Blueprint of optimal health for the physical form and the etherics.  Your body possesses an ancient wisdom, more intelligent than your brain and your holy physical form is always talking to you. 

If pain is the body communicating, how can we understand it?

It’s up to you and your willingness to heal that opens you up to the art of identification, to understand what is out of balance with you and how to learn the correct interpretation.  For this process, you must be open, receptive and in a profound surrender to Source or that force of love greater than your human self. 

Can meditation assist with pain relief? 

If you can’t hear or you don’t listen to your body, it will keep talking to you, the discomfort will keep growing until pain manifests.  You usually can’t ignore the pain if it’s loud enough.  The body has a unique way of communicating with us, it’s up to us to interpret the message the body is speaking.  For this, my responsibility to myself is to listen and to listen I meditate.  I like to be quiet within myself so I can hear the voice of Source. 

Even this is a process of learning. I had to learn through meditation how Source spoke to me through my senses. Everyone has their own way of listening, interpreting the signs.  Through meditating on the sensations in your form, you activate the rhythms and the Love of the Universe to start bringing to you the answers that you seek in a conscious way.  Because the answers are there.

By being the driver of your own bus, you activate the forces of the Universe to bring the answers to you and through trial and error you begin to learn the language your body is speaking to you.

How do you see the body as a part of our spiritual path?  

The body is Holy, it’s an aspect of the journey to our Holy Selves, our Spirit.  It’s home for our Spirits.  The body has been known to be the path to Enlightenment. 

Understanding the language of the physical form goes a long way towards cultivating full health. Every time you make a spirit-body connection, you get healthier and your belief in your abilities will grow. Your confidence will expand as your body learns to trust you and you take steps to look after it with patience, kindness, responsibility and Love. 

The love you have for you grows which is an important part of your healing.  You cultivate this incredible relationship with yourself that is very intimate and loving and it gives back to you a hundredfold.  There’s nothing like it.

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