What our students and teachers have to say...

Level 1 is the beginning step to taking back your life

“I wish that Level 1 was required to graduate from high school. But for now it’s the kind of course that each person must to decide to do. My wish is that everyone will choose to raise themselves to their full potential. And Level 1 is the beginning step to taking back your life.”

-M.K. Redmond WA

It was really circumstance that brought me to the Training – a friend was doing it and I didn’t want to be left out.

“And so my Journey began … Right from Level 1, I felt my family’s belief systems that had held me hostage for so long, begin to dissipate. I found a passion and love for life that has transformed not only my life but my children’s as well. I feel I’m a better person and a healthier parent. I’m excited about life in a way I could never have imagined.

This may not be what Spirituality means to others, but for me, taking Level I was the start of my true spiritual journey. This work has changed my life in every way. As a teacher of this work, I can share it with others, to perhaps create a happier world where we stop terrorizing ourselves and connect to the goodness within us all.”


If I had to narrow it down to one thing that I have received

“If I had to narrow it down to one thing that I have received from undertaking courses with Faye Fitzgerald and the Training in Power Academy, I would say that the deep sense of self-esteem and understanding of my unique contribution to the world is what stands out in my mind.”


I was a psychic child

“I was a psychic child and learned to read palms when I was 11 years old and from there to astrology, numerology, tarot, back to palms. People avoided me they were afraid I would know too much about them. I avoided people as I did not want to know. Since taking Level I (in Abbotsford), I am now able to work and fit into mainstream society. I got on my own team!

The work is difficult, it takes focus and courage and the payback is incredible! I have learned to look to myself for answers, rather than to the exterior. I no longer blame others for my challenges in life. Mostly I’ve become aware of the rewards of being in service to myself first and others second. Life is rich.”


I am Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Counseling

“For close to twenty years in my career in the helping profession, I worked in investigating and providing treatment in the areas of child abuse, sexual abuse and addictions.

In Level I of Training in Power I finally found people who understood as to why I had the ability to be so sensitive and also, I was given tools to assist with not getting burnt out from it. The Training in Power system changed my day to day experience in the workplace and in my life.”


There are no words to describe the intense shift in awareness I have experienced

“Every course in this training is designed to support the learner to remove old and useless patterns of negative thinking. Each course lays the groundwork for increased self awareness and the path to true inspiration and joy in life. As a result of these courses, I continue to experience deeper and deeper levels of awareness and peace in my life. In my experience as an educator, there are few other resources that can offer this opportunity for profound change.”


Yes, I have shielding now to protect me from negativity.

“And I also have a life full of adventure. I wake up in gratitude, with peace in my life. I have seen with my own eyes so many people come into this training so dim, with their heads hung low. And I’ve seen them rise up, with heads high, full of light and power.”

M.K. – Redmond, WA