The Master Warrior program was developed over a decade ago by Faye Fitzgerald, the founder of Training in Power™ Academy. It serves to establish the potentiality of longevity in the physical form, and, to support energetic healers and students in maintaining vital life force as they elevate their vibration.

If you seek

  • a sense of self-mastery
  • confidence, courage, and health in your physical form
  • to be fully and passionately present in your body
  • to increase your life force

Then this weekly course is just for you!

Class Format

Master Warrior classes are delivered by phone, on a conference call system.
Classes are one hour in length, once per week.

Lessons include breath work, yoga techniques, pain clinic work, chi work and nutritional work. Each class includes an awesome meditation.

Additional Course Work

Contact us to find out more or sign up.