You Matter.

Respect your form. Love your life. Live every day with wellness and positivity.

Your physical form is the holy vessel that supports your spiritual journey. With Master Warrior, you are trained to withstand the rigours of being physical ... from a spiritual perspective.  You also learn to nurture your health and longevity as you pursue your dreams. The Master Warrior program is designed to promote vital life force in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

When you're ready, apply to the program using this form, and we will be in touch! Those in the program already can also update their information on this form.

If you seek

  • a sense of self-mastery
  • confidence, courage, and health in your physical form
  • to be fully and passionately present in your body
  • to increase your life force and vitality
  • to increase relaxation and calmness in your physical form
  • to increase your athletic abilities

Then this weekly course is just for you!

Class Format

  • Master Warrior classes are held on zoom.
  • Meditation classes are about an hour, once per week.

The workouts include:

  • breathwork, yoga
  • techniques, pain clinic work, chi work and
  • nutritional work and much more. Each and
  • every week includes an awesome meditation.

Personal one-on-one coaching is available on a limited basis.

iStock_000001049761Medium Karate girl

North American Director: Anne Binning, North Vancouver BC

Want to join (or update your information?)

Those who need to submit their Health History form and Waiver, or those wanting to update their information, may use this form.

Try a class for free!

Once you have graduated Level 1 The Prophet course, please join us for a free class!

Some of the things we cover in the program:

An Introduction to Breathwork: learn to use breath to connect to the divine, release emotion, and relax.

Pain Clinic: identify and manage pain in the physical and emotional

Chi Building: become more present by stabilizing your life force. Nourish your organs, improve circulation, find balance.

Meditation: discover how to bring meditation into your physical form and workouts.

Contact us for more information and to book a call!