A Gift for You: Heal the Soul Series

It’s the holiday season! Parties, food, travel, gift giving…While you might be checking off a gift giving list for others, remember to also include yourself! What gifts will you receive in 2024?

Here at the Academy, we’d like to share the gift of the Heal the Soul Series. This 10 part workshop and podcast series is led by the founder of the Training in Power Academy, Faye Fitzgerald. This free workshop is conducted live over meetup and four of the episodes are now available for the public on spotify and other podcasting platforms.

In this series, Faye explores the nature of the Soul and how to approach the healing of this core essence of ourselves. In each one hour-long episode, Faye gives a lesson, a meditation and answers insightful questions from the meetup participants in an open Q&A.

Give yourself the gift of healing and education this season!

The live course work of classes 5-10 will continue in the new year, so be sure to join a Meetup group in your area to be notified of the next live workshop. The recordings are published soon after the live course on your favourite podcasting platform.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and joyful holiday season and a prosperous, magical new Year!