Are you a Spiritual Seeker? Three ways to find out

I showed signs of being a seeker from a young age. I remember the stunned looks on my parent’s faces when I’d ask complex questions about the nature of life and speaking to spirit freely without ever expecting an answer. But it was a traumatic event in my teens that set my course irrevocably.

When my best friend passed away when I was 16, no longer could I believe that life was just a series of patterns and events, I was sure it meant something, that my time on this earth could mean something. I started seeking, I studied all kinds of traditional meditation practices, learning about chakras and past lives. As soon as I could I travelled, discovering other cultures and seeing how big and beautiful the world really is.

While I’ve gone on to pursue a career and to build a family, my path as a spiritual seeker has remained the centre of my life. It is not a straight road and has not made things always easy, but it infuses my life with meaning and connection. In my path as a seeker of knowledge, I’ve inevitably found myself.

Perhaps you are a spiritual seeker, someone who seeks to change themselves and the world for the better, who is on a quest for knowledge and greater consciousness?

Here are 3 tell-tale signs that the seekers path might be your own:

  • The everyday just doesn’t cut it.

We can’t deny the importance of meeting the everyday needs of our human life and how certain milestones can bring us joy and satisfaction. But for some people, even once all the “life boxes” are checked, there can be an emptiness. Despite following the formula, there is a desire for more, there is a feeling there is more, but we don’t always know what it is.

There are countless examples of spiritual teachers who have walked away from successful lives, knowing they were missing bigger truths, that external achievements did not lead them any closer to true fulfillment.

But consider this: perhaps underlying dissatisfaction is a sign of that those bigger questions beg some answers? Or at least some deeper asking? Maybe nothing is actually wrong, maybe it’s a call to knowledge and the path of discovery is just ahead…

  • You’ve often been told you’re “too sensitive”

Seekers feel things deeply. From an exchange with a friend, to a powerful movie or even world events, we the ones up late thinking about it, or wiping our eyes in the theatre once everyone has left. Life is a vivid, sometimes intense experience.

But is it really a bad thing to be “too sensitive?” There is an outdated idea that to be strong you need to be able to “power through” a situation and not feel its effects. Let’s be honest, the idea that we can somehow eliminate feelings is an illusion. Feelings are either felt in the moment or stuffed down for later.

Being sensitive takes courage and with the right tools to manage and interpret all the input coming in, it can be a superpower. Sensitivity points to inner depth, which is essential to the path of the spiritual seeker. 

  • You find ways to travel

By definition, a seeker is looking for something and this can unfold for many in the impulse to travel! Like myself, some seekers literally voyage the globe, learning from new cultures and seeing the wonders the world has to offer. 

But there are other ways to travel outside of getting on a plane, train or boat! Some seekers travel through methods of their own device like art and creative pursuits. I’ve found the most impactful travel in my life has come through meditation and the quest for spiritual knowledge.

The truth is, the largest uncharted territory is the Self. Once you start to build the focus to be in your internal world through meditation, you’ll discover that the inner terrain is truly infinite. 

The Seeker is often a Pioneer and where do we find the most uncharted territory? Within our own Selves!

If these points resonate with you, remember you are not alone! There are many others out walking the road less travelled and guiding the path along the way. 

Our community at the Training in Power Academy is a group of seekers who work together as a community of light, while empowering each other’s individual paths along the way. Check out our courses and our free Meetup sessions for more info!