New Year, Your World

Setting New Year’s intentions or manifestations have become an alternate to the old trope of New Years Resolutions, which can be a recipe for disappointment. How are they different? Consider one as a “what will I change” list and the other as a “who will I be” or “How will I feel” list.

While we are all working to sculpt our lives towards a more authentic, healthy experience, consider what it might mean to include our greater world into that manifestation as well. It’s hard to ignore that we are at a tipping point in our global status, imagine what changes might occur if each of us might focus on a small piece of the puzzle?

We are all more powerful than we give credit for, this year, along with your own hopes and dreams, why not include community or world issues that you care about into your 2019 manifestation?

So if you’re in the mood this year, either with loved ones or solo in a focused space, here is an exercise to intentionally bring in the New Year for yourself and your meaningful place in the world:

With Gratitude, consider the lessons you have reaped from 2018. Along with your personal journey of the year, what has inspired you on a global or community level?

Once 2018 has been given it’s due, allow yourself to release it and open the door for the next year ahead.

Start with you: What do you hope to include into your self realization this year? Career, relationships, physical and emotional health. Who are you becoming? What do you wish to contribute? See it, feel it and and open your heart to receive it fully as you send it out into the universe. You deserve it all and more.

With your heart full and steeping in the prosperity of YOU, turn your focus to the world around you. Is there an issue in your community or a group or person that could use some extra love? What would you like to see shifted? Maybe there is a specific activity you’d like to initiate, or outreach you want to commit to.

Your vision might take you out into the greater world. We are so interconnected in this global age, is there a cause or area of the world you’d like to light up?

This might become an exercise of re-framing. Especially when working on world issues that can seem so much bigger than us, be careful not to slip into any helplessness, thinking you are too small to make a difference. Lean back into the Power of Love and allow yourself to send light to the situation. Maybe it’s social movement, an endangered species of animal, or a part of the world that is suffering from famine. Let your heart guide you, where will you set your focus for 2019?

Light up the world and receive the feeling of strength and empowerment this creates. 2019 will be an amazing year of change, growth and empowerment.

From our hearts to yours! However you welcome in the season, may 2019 bring all the fullest of health, prosperity and love.