Are You First in Your Own Line?


When I was growing up, I had two homes.  In my first home, my every movement was controlled and I had to follow many rules. In my second home, I had freedom and I was loved.  This one was hidden deeply within myself. While the outside world kept pushing me to become useful, I daydreamed…

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Six Ways Meditation Can Make You a Better Writer

Ever since I printed my first letter “A” while watching Sesame Street as a toddler, I wanted to be a writer. I spent a good deal of my childhood and teens expressing my innermost thoughts and feelings through stories and poems. Once I reached a certain age, however, my yearning to write became more of…

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Chocolate to Meditate On

I’ve practiced meditation for many years and now I’m embarking on the process of training to teach it. I’m training to teach Level 1 – The Prophet. I’ve grown so much through my meditation practice and I want to help other people, the way I’ve been helped. I want to empower others to fully live…

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Tuning Your Instrument

If you look at your body as an instrument, you may see that it is a vibrational form that allows you to move freely through this time/space continuum. As with any instrument, tuning is an ongoing activity, never perfect, always changing. The key to tuning any instrument is awareness. The following two exercises are a…

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Meditating with Crystals – Sodalite

I have been interested in stones and crystals for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I loved to collect pretty rocks and tumbled stones.  For years before I took the Training, I would buy books about crystals that would tell me their different meanings.  Little did I know that in some of…

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