Spiritual Teacher Laura Stanley: the universal language of Love

Laura Stanley is a longtime student and faculty member of the Training in Power Academy. We caught up with her to find out how this pandemic time has been for her and what it has been like teaching Level 1 online for the first time.

Tell us a little bit about how you came to your spiritual path as a seeker and teacher?

I had spent 15 years on a spiritual path before I discovered Training in Power. I read many books, followed many processes and listened to many teachers. Even with all of the books out there, I was still searching for more. Then one day, I noticed an incredible change in a friend. I asked her what she had been doing and she told me that she was taking a class called Level I with Training in Power Academy. It seemed like her anxiety and depression had lessoned dramatically because of the meditation work she was learning. She was lighter, freer and happier, so I sought out her teacher and took the class. As I began the work, I knew instinctively that I had found something very unique that would lead me to my own personal relationship with Source.

How has this pandemic time been for you?

There have been some times of uncertainty and fear for me during this pandemic, for sure. Thankfully, Level I has taught me a practice of energetic shielding. By using these techniques, I can create and maintain a loving space for myself. I have noticed that I am not as affected by the pain of this time as others around me.

The shielding has allowed me to discover peace and relief even within the most difficult of predicaments presented in my life. This space created by the shielding, allows me to meditate and receive a higher understanding to the questions and concerns of my daily experience. It gives me direction that I can trust. Meditation allows me to get a glimpse of the world and its events through Source’s eyes, which is so very different from our human understanding of things.

Do you think this is a significant time for humanity? If so, why?

I have had a lot of time over these last months to take a look at what is or is not working in my life. I believe the world has had the opportunity to take a good hard look at much of the same. I know I have made some significant changes around how I spend my days and what I place importance on for my life’s journey. I believe we all have access to this incredible opportunity to live life from a deeper and more authentic place. I know it is time for me to stop running from how I truly feel and start embracing and honouring what I want, believing I can have it and moving towards its realization in my life. It is a gift to put our desires and needs in the forefront, because when we take care of ourselves, then we can move to help others from a place of strength and inner knowing.

You recently started to teach Training in Power courses online, this is a new development for the Academy. How had that been?

Online teaching has been a magnificent opportunity to connect with other seekers across the globe. I can definitely feel the love in the online classroom and the hope for a better future. No matter where we live or how different our daily lives are, when we arrive to class, we are all connected by our hearts. The language of love crosses all boundaries and is universal. It creates a deep connection between us all, if we are willing to allow Source into our minds and hearts. This is when the true healing begins, because together we can reach for something greater than what we have known before. From this place of love, the potential for personal and global manifestation is very powerful. Gathering online has been a wonderful way to support each other and get to know the global community on a deeper level. What exciting times!