Reflections on Being Highly Sensitive

I recently read an article on the Quiet Revolution website that prompted a cascade of reflection on my own highly sensitive nature. It brought up a lot of emotion as I recalled various experiences in my childhood. For instance, I have a vivid memory of my first day at Kindergarten. I cried in the cloak…

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This is YOUR 2016

A few years ago, instead of New Years resolutions I started to make a yearly intention for manifestation. This is a magical way to start the year and a very empowering exercise to make this year YOURS. Here is a formula I like to use on New Years Eve. It can be a personal exercise…

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Past Life Work and Healing

In the depths of grieving, we are brought back to fundamental questions. Does part of us live on, even come back? Can we use this perspective to create and built our lives now, with care for future generations and the beings we share the planet with? Here we continue Laura S’ Journey into Past Lives……

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Are You First in Your Own Line?


When I was growing up, I had two homes.  In my first home, my every movement was controlled and I had to follow many rules. In my second home, I had freedom and I was loved.  This one was hidden deeply within myself. While the outside world kept pushing me to become useful, I daydreamed…

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Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?

Did the title spook you? It was meant to. A friend of mine had done the work of putting together a comprehensive resume listing all her skills. She confessed to me that when she read it back over, it was so impressive she couldn’t believe the resume was her own. I asked her if she…

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Healing at the Wellness Show

I just finished another weekend of energy healings at the Vancouver Wellness Show. Our team of healers and teachers had so much fun working with whoever showed up, all beautiful in their unique way, and willing to try something different. Response to the “free energy healing” offer varies. Some people love it and bring their…

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