A meditation for reaping your inner harvest

Fall is here. It is a season of the harvest, where folks celebrate through giving thanks, eating turkey and taking the last of the warmth before the snow falls.

I’ve always loved the roots of thanksgiving and how it connects us to the earth. The reality of the harvest is something that humanity has lived for thousands of years, where we celebrate what crops we’ve sown and take stock of the prosperity in our lives.

While many of us are not farmers, the season continues to inspire us to recognize the harvest in our lives (outside of food!). This can be growth in career or relationships, areas where you’ve overcome adversity and the gifts that have appeared in your life, big and small. These are all important harvests to reap. To pause and appreciate prosperity in its many forms.

As someone who fosters a spiritual outlook to life, I also like to look at my inner harvest. There is no challenge or goal that I tackle that doesn’t involve my own personal growth in some way.  Sometimes it’s difficult to take stock of these kinds of changes as they are not always tangible.

For example, I’m someone who has struggled with a lot of self-doubt. Through meditation and healing practices, I’ve been able to shift my inner dialogue away from self-doubt and towards a more supportive, loving tone. It has happened over time. There wasn’t a day that I suddenly threw my hands up and said, “I did it!” 

This kind of harvest is a work in progress, the food of my self love is something that I must nurture every day.

It’s important to take stock of this kind of inner growth and recognize our own wealth of self-hood. 

In the spirit sharing, here is a thanksgiving meditation exercise I created this year to deepen the meaning of the season:

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably at a table full of bounty: there are many colours of foods, some large and small. Note the rich flavours and composition of dishes that reflect your palate, who you are and what you enjoy.

Understand you are seeing the bounty of YOU. Feel this recognition.

Reflect on your past year: Where were you this time last year? Empty your mind and allow yourself to see key moments that signify where you have grown or changed.

What are some seeds you have planted? Are they sprouted? Or was it not the time for them to grow?

Which seed have become full harvest? Perhaps these have been germinating for more than a year, maybe less. Understand and appreciate the natural evolution of how things grow. Of how YOU grow.

Fill with gratitude and appreciation for yourself and all the bounty in your life, big and small. Gratitude is the antithesis of scarcity. Shore up any feelings of lack by leaning in to where your needs are met and where you have grown.

Ask for a word that encompasses the growth of your year. Hear it, see it, feel it.

Once your meditation is complete, write down your word. Bring it in to your celebration of the season in recognition of your inner prosperity and what you are receiving moving forward!

My word for this year was: Nourish. What was yours? Share it in the comments below so that we can celebrate your bounty with you! Happy Thanksgiving!