When it’s time for Dream Interpretation

Reposted from Training in Power Reviews Blog, June 2022.

Dreams have been a source of curiosity since humans were able to conceptualize the experience of having them.

Some scientists claim there to be no real significance behind our dreams. Meanwhile, revered teachers like Faye Fitzgerald, who founded spiritual academies like Training In Power, are on a mission to show individuals how to unlock the meaning behind their nighttime fantasies.

Being able to interpret what qualities of dreams call for professional interpretation from authorities like Faye, can make the journey to uncovering the meanings behind them easier.

Repetitive Dreams

Though they can seem somewhat strange to experience, more than half of adult-aged Americans have experienced the phenomenon of recurring dreams. These dreams typically aren’t pleasant and can have nightmarish or uncomfortable undertones, though there are positive dreams that can require interpretation as well.

Repetitive dreams happen chronically and can happen several times a week or multiple times a month. Either way, they’re worth taking note of, especially if the same exact dream is experienced multiple times. However, repeating essences can also be worthy of interpretation- like consistent dreams about being chased, teeth falling out, etc.

Important things to make note of are when these dreams occur- not necessarily the time of day, but the emotions that were spiking before sleep. Though the dream itself may not hold potent messages, the human body can be communicating other concerns.

Dreams Evoking Emotion

The human need to suppress emotion, especially negative emotion, is inescapable- but one can only subdue their feelings temporarily. The mind has an incredible way of introducing these feelings into the subconscious and into dreams.

Some dreams can leave people waking up in cold sweat or even tears. While some of these dreams are due to daily stresses, it’s worth noting when these emotion-invoking dreams occur during routine or mundane days.

Happiness, anger, and extreme sadness are just some of the feelings that can overwhelm an individual while they sleep, and some spiritual teachers believe these emotions carry messages that need to be dissected and paid attention to.

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Dreams With Passed Loved Ones

Perhaps some of the most overwhelming dreams that people can experience are ones that involve visits from passed loved ones. They could be talking, or simply present, but they most always leave the dreamer in a state of shock or grief upon waking.

There are countless accounts of people likening dreams to be a “doorway to the afterlife”, and a way for those who have passed on to communicate with their relatives still on Earth. Whether they’re ancestors or those who have recently ended their Earthly journey, they still have messages to share- and dreams are the best way to do so.

Loved ones in dreams can pass on information that’s easy to understand, though sometimes they may need a little extra help to make their intentions clear- that’s where interpreters can help.

Reposted from Training in Power Reviews Blog, June 2022.