Garden Rainbows

One glorious summer day, as I was watering the garden with the garden hose, I became aware of a rainbow in the diamond-like water droplets coming from the hose. As I watered and watched the rainbow, I realized it was upside down with purple on the bottom and red on top. And then I remembered…

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At the End of the Parade

In the Woods

So often in my life, I have expected a big brassy fanfare or an elegant display of light to precede big spiritual moments. When I find myself waiting for the fanfare, I’m reminded of a time from my teen years. I grew up in a small town about sixty miles outside of Chicago, where the…

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Healing at the Wellness Show

I just finished another weekend of energy healings at the Vancouver Wellness Show. Our team of healers and teachers had so much fun working with whoever showed up, all beautiful in their unique way, and willing to try something different. Response to the “free energy healing” offer varies. Some people love it and bring their…

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Understanding Immunity – Our Healing Power Within

When we support the natural processes in the body with a healthy diet, a low stress level, and less exposure to toxins, we are rewarded with a strong immune system and a responsive healing power within. On the contrary, a poor diet, daily stress, and exposure to toxins in food, water and the environment, all…

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