Tuning Your Instrument

If you look at your body as an instrument, you may see that it is a vibrational form that allows you to move freely through this time/space continuum. As with any instrument, tuning is an ongoing activity, never perfect, always changing. The key to tuning any instrument is awareness.

The following two exercises are a great way to begin tuning the beautiful instrument that is your body. Find a peaceful place, be well watered, start listening to the consciousness of all your cells (not just the ones in your head:)…and begin!
In the Woods

Equalize The Weight On Both Feet

  1. Stand with your hands resting over your lower belly, and your feet hip width apart.
  2. Align the soles of your feet and distribute your weight evenly through both feet. For cramped feet: reach for the ground lovingly with intent. For sagging feet: feel a soft energy support bubble at the insteps.
  3. Allow an intimacy with all cells of both soles with the ground.
  4. Feel energy quickly trickling up from the bubbling springs or Yongquan point at the instep of the feet.
  5. Simultaneously feel energy express out through the padded part of the feet back into the ground.
  6. Feel this flow of energy up the inside of the legs to the pelvis/second chakra and then down the outside of the legs to the pads of the feet.
  7. Intend this circulation of energy for 3 minutes or longer.

See With Your Kneecaps

  1. Stand in the same position as the first exercise.
  2. Catch your in-breath with your hands.
  3. Breathe and build a grounding awareness.
  4. Open the eyes of your knees by gently contracting the muscles directly above your kneecaps.
  5. Hold these muscles in tone (instead of tension) for a few breaths.
  6. Feel a spinal alignment.
  7. Celebrate subtly.
  8. Repeat for a few more breaths.

Practice awareness walking with the eyes of the knees open. You’ll never stub your toe again!

Have fun tuning up and thanks for playing!

~ Megan Gerace

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