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  • Information and Waiver Release from Liability

    The Master Warrior Program instructs in various forms of self-defense, martial arts and physical fitness. All of these activities involve physical movement. Some involve physical contact between students and instructors. All fighting sessions are supervised. Even so, since the very nature of self-defense and martial arts disciplines, as in boxing, is to injure, disable or stop an opponent from hurting you by physical means, the possibility of injury to the student exists. Thus, as in all instruction, there is a possibility the student will make a mistake, resulting in an injury. Therefore, the student does acknowledge, by his or her signature below, that by entering into the prescribed course of instruction, that he/she will expose themselves to the risk of personal injury arising out of their own negligence or that of another student or by negligence of Training in Power of any of its members, officers, directors, employees, independent contractors or agents or the possibility of an unavoidable accident due to the nature of the physical art herein prescribed. Therefore, the student whose signature appears below acknowledges that it is his/her intention to knowingly and voluntarily assume such risks as have heretofore been described and all other such risks implicit in the practice of the self-defense, martial arts and physical fitness activities offered as part of the Master Warrior Program. Training in Power Academy advises that if the student is currently taking medication, has any physical ailment or is otherwise not in physical condition suitable for activity, the student should seek medical advice regarding these matters before participating in the program. Therefore, the student expressly agrees that all instruction or participation in the Master Warrior Program shall be undertaken at the student's sole risk and that Training in Power Academy its Board of Directors and its agents, contractors or employees shall not be liable to the student for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action, whatsoever, to the student's person or property, arising out of or connected with the student's use of the services or instruction or the facilities/premises where the Master Warrior Program is conducted. The student hereby releases Training in Power Academy from all such acts or active or passive negligence on the part of Training in Power Academy its Board of Directors, and its agents or employees. I agree that this Release is binding on myself, my heirs, my executor, administrators, personal representatives and assigns. The undersigned student hereby agrees to abide by the above rules and regulations and all others that are promulgated within the Master Warrior Program and does acknowledge receipt of same. Training in Power Academy advises the student to consult his or her physician and other counselors prior to signing this waiver.
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