A Journey Into Past Lives

I’m Laura Stanley and I want to share what I have come to know as a “Journey Into Past Lives.” I am a psychic, a metaphysician, and a healer. I receive my intuitive information primarily in visions. I also am communicated with through feeling, hearing and sometimes just “knowing”.

I am a faculty member of the Training in Power Academy where I teach a class called Level I – The Prophet and Level II – Ancient Shamanism. We teach students about energy healing and meditation as a way to maintain higher levels of vibration and own their own power as psychics, metaphysicians and healers.

Introduction to Past Life Work and the Time In Between

It is my opinion that our past lives may cause us to play out subconscious themes. For example, if in a past life you were pushed off a cliff by a lover, you might have a fear in this life of love or heights or both. It may be something that you have never been able to understand this time around. Or something that you have struggled to heal but have never been able to because it feels locked on to you in some way.

I believe that we bring these tJourney into past liveshemes into our current life to heal them. That no one is torturing us in this life but rather we, in our spiritual brilliance, have conceived these stories or dramas for ourselves to play out on this plane to heal. So that we can finally be free of all of the elements that do not represent who we truly are as beings of light. In my meditations as a young girl, I would ask God “Why have you put me in this situation? Why is there so much suffering?” And over the years, it has been explained to me this way in my meditations and dream time:

“when we leave this place or what we call “death” we find ourselves in a place called “the land of in between”. In this place, we are bathed in light and slowly our vibration is lifted so that we can move in to the next realm. The spirit that I work with calls it “being souped up” or “the re-categorizing of the mind.” Sometimes if this earthly realm is particularly traumatic, we might spend more time in that place of the in between. But it is of no matter because once we are moved in to this land there is no time or time is quite different and moves much quicker.”

This is how the way out has been described to me. Of course, I interpret within the confines of my own religious and social background. If you were Hindu or another religion this place might look or be completely different to you.

The way back in to this reality, this time, has been told and shown to me in this way…

“I spend time in a garden, a flower covered arbor way with a spiritual being that is associated with or assigned to me… a trainer of sorts. This is the last being that I will be in contact with before I leave this vibrational realm. I am telepathed about this life that I am about to enter. I am spoken to about various themes: sacrifice, victimhood, etc. As soon as we tune to the vibration of healing on the female, I am moved in to the womb and the entranceway is sealed. The next thing I can remember is hearing a conversation in the womb about how a boy is desired rather than a girl. Hence, the holiness or a lifelong healing between myself and the feminine proceeds in this lifetime. It is that simple and that complicated. The commencement of the healings on this earth plane come rushing in and the memory is lost.”

The trick is to move in to a vibration where you can know these things for yourself and then to begin to learn the healing of these behaviors. In that way, you can begin to release all that is holding you back from your higher self. I don’t believe anyone wants to punish us but rather we have a certain energy field around us and it carries a frequency that travels out and attracts others that have a similar frequency.

For me, to know about a story or a “past life” is of no use on its own. I do not promote fascination around this type of work. I have done hundreds of past life readings and have received hundreds and I know that the only benefit of doing that is to remove where it keeps us caught in this current life. This is our physical vehicle right now and how we experience this process on this planet. If we could all clean it and make it as pure as possible there is no telling how we could affect this place for the better.

~ Laura Stanley, Level II Teacher