Ty Woolner

Level 1 Teacher - Toronto

As a child, I thought I just a had an overactive imagination. As a teenager, I lived with feelings of fear, shame and isolated myself.  As a young adult, I found myself rebelling and getting into any trouble I could find, and I struggled with abusive patterns.  It wasn’t until I found this amazing work through the Training in Power Academy™ that I was able to acknowledge and wield my Gifts and begin to connect the dots.  What caused great pain began to Heal, and what felt like a war within me, began to find Peace. I’ve come to know a level of Self-Love I never thought possible and that Love ripples throughout my entire life.

I feel blessed to have come so far in my own journey that I can now help others who seek the same.  As a health and fitness professional and advocate of holistic approaches to wellness, this meditation and healing system has changed my life in many aspects, and I wholeheartedly believe it can have the same impact on yours.  You are so worth it!

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