Fairy tales, mythology, and the media have all contributed to our inherited acceptance of archetypes and stereotypes. An example would be the “starving artist”: an archetype for those who believe one must suffer to produce great art.

Unfortunately, these archetypes can be limiting when we are trying to live our own stories. We can be unaware of their impact on us individually.

Have you observed predictable, recurring patterns in your life that seem more reactionary than evidential of who you really are or what you wish to manifest?

Do you suspect there are other options available to you but feel unsure of how to break free from what holds you back?

Prerequisites: None

In this course, you will learn to

  • Identify exactly when you are caught in a predictable pattern or archetype.
  • Increase your skills of observation and discernment in situations in which you find yourself vulnerable.
  • Pursue your own story by listening to your “calling”.
  • Regain a sense of magic and flow in your life.
  • Learn a powerful meditation technique to continue this important work.


Tuition is $495 for 4 classes taxes not included. 

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The Archetype Course (Online) Online (Pacific)
  • August 13, 2024 5:00 pm

Come to this provocative course of story, language, and power — and bring your own epic inner tale to light!