Level 4 and Level are two incredible courses that prepare the student to become the teacher!

Each course consists of 4 classes, and is offered in several locations throughout North America on an annual basis.

Once graduated, students may elect to attend Training in Power's Teachers Conference (Level 6) in the following year, which qualifies them to begin their official training to become a teacher of Power!


Level 4

To proceed to Level 4, you have

  • been in Level 3 for a minimum of 8 months
  • audited Level 3
  • audited Level 1 (official audit and report)
  • been consistent with your healings (minimum 2x per month)
  • attended all Monthly Meetings
  • completed your Level 3 graduate clearing with your teacher

You will also be asked to attend a special Academy Session before moving on to Level 4.

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Level 5

To proceed to Level 5, you have

  • attended all monthly meetings
  • audited Level 2 and submitted report
  • been consistent with healings, preferably once a week
  • attended meetings and other healings as instructed by your teacher