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Have you ever wondered...

If someone is telling you the truth

  • Why you feel drained at the end of your day
  • What the best decision is for your life
  • How to heal yourself and others
  • How to achieve clarity and focus
  • Why you repeat behaviours that no longer serve you

Answers are within...

Level 1

Opportunity to find answers

Living in power

Take control back in your life

It is a life of knowing and a life of freedom – of living in Truth and coming to trust the Self.

When we learn to connect to this power and let it work through us, then we can heal ourselves and others, we can rejuvenate ourselves and we can find the answers that we desire, and we can manifest the life we want.

  • Longing that many of us experience – a calling – searching for something – a shift in consciousness – real change that is sustainable
  • We are seeking our own power – part of the greater power of the Universe. We can bring this into our lives for ourselves, those around us and the world
  • Level 1 - starting point – explains the beautiful orchestration between quantum physics, vibrational psychology, ancient energy systems.

Level 1 is a magical journey about you – it’s like going to “the university of you”. You are opening a file drawer within you – that may have been in storage for a while!

If life is not unfolding the way you have wanted – this is a system to free yourself from old patterns in your life. You will learn how to apply the science of power and healing systems to free yourself from old habits and unhealthy patterns in your life.

  • It will teach you how to manifest a life of passion, impeccability, creativity and personal wellness.
  • This means you can bring more of yourself into your life – you will learn to go beyond your intellectual portion of ourselves and into your deeper wisdom and deepest potential
  • Through meditation, we move into different brainwave patterns that allow us to access a deeper part of ourselves
  • We can reach and connect to the power and love of the Universe
  • Ultimately - commitment to ourselves – self-empowerment – self-love
  • We are claiming our own power, that which is part of the greater power of the universe.

It is time that we claim this – that we receive it so that we can bring that power into our lives for ourselves, our children and our world


What our students and teachers have to say...

If I had to narrow it down to one thing that I have received

"If I had to narrow it down to one thing that I have received from undertaking courses with Faye Fitzgerald and the Training in Power Academy, I would say that the deep sense of self-esteem and understanding of my unique contribution to the world is what stands out in my mind."


Meet Your Instructors

As teachers, we come from many walks of life, and like you, we seek wellness and a connection to our spirit’s purpose. Reach out to us to learn what’s possible.

Teachers throughout North America are available to teach you this extraordinary body of work. Come, if you are ready to begin, or continue, your journey.


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