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Classes in Canada                 Classes in the United States

Courses are offered in Canada in Vancouver, Victoria, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Nelson, Calgary, Nanaimo, Regina, Edmonton, Toronto, Eganville and Montreal. In the United States courses are offered throughout Washington state, Portland, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon, Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you can’t find a class in your area, contact us. We’ll help you connect with a teacher in your area.

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Classes in Canada

See Upcoming Classes in the United States

CourseDayDate of First ClassTimeLocationTeacher
Level 1SaturdayMarch 412:30pmTri-Cities BCDonna Ellis
Level 1SaturdayMarch 410:00amLake Country BCMegan Gerace
Level 1SaturdayMarch 410:30amRegina SKMichelle Dearborn
Level 1SundayMarch 511:00amToronto ONJodi Finley
Level 2SundayMarch 51:00pmVictoria BCLeslie Robinson
Level 1MondayMarch 67:00pmKelowna BCBarb McCloskey
Level 1TuesdayMarch 77:00pmCalgary ABBarry Lunseth
Level 1TuesdayMarch 76:30pmSalmon Arm BCMaggy Davidson
Level 1WednesdayMarch 87:00pmVancouver/West EndJohn Waye
Level 1WednesdayMarch 87:00pmEast Vancouver BCBrian Anderson
Level 1FridayMarch 103:00pmVancouver, BCSharon Storoschuk
Level 1Friday March 1010:30amSouth Burnaby BCManjit Kang
Level 1FridayMarch 107:00pmPort Moody BCPhil Muirhead
Level 1SaturdayMarch 1110:30amSouth Burnaby BCBal Kang
Level 1SaturdayMarch 1110:00amHorseshoe Bay BCNancy Marsh
Level 2SaturdayMarch 1112:00pmVancouver BCFaye Fitzgerald
Level 1`SundayMarch 121:00pmNorth Vancouver BCLisa Voisin
Level 1Sunday March 1212:00pmVancouver/Kitsilano BCJean Shelemey
Level 1ThursdayMarch 1610:00amWhistler BCSheila Snow
Level 1SaturdayMarch 1810:30amRichmond BCRobyn McTague
Level 3Sunday March 191:00pmToronto ONMarisa Volpe
Level 1SundayMarch 1910:00amSurrey/White Rock BCAnia Jasiak
Level 3SundayMarch 191:00pmToronto ONMarisa Volpe
Childrens CourseSundayMarch 191:00pmRichmond BCRobyn McTague
Level 1WednesdayMarch 226:30pmVancouver/Kitsilano BCJean Shelemey
Level 1Thursday March 236:30pmBurnaby BCVals Fauquier
Level 1SaturdayApril 11:00pmToronto ONHilary Boucher
Level 1SaturdayApril 110:30amSouth Burnaby BCManjit Kang
Level 1SundayApril 21:00pmVictoria BCLeslie Robinson
Level 1SundayApril 210:30amSouth Burnaby BCBal Kang
Level 2SundayApril 211:00amToronto ONJodi Finley
Level 1TuesdayApril 47:00pmHorseshoe Bay BCNancy Marsh
Level 3TuesdayApril 47:00pmBurnaby BCFaye Fitzgerald
Level 1WednesdayApril 57:00pmEast Vancouver BCBrian Anderson
Level 1WednesdayApril 56:00pmEast Vancouver BCCarol Wiedemann
Level 1WednesdayApril 57:00pmKelowna BCBarb McCloskey
Level 1ThursdayApril 67:00pmVancouver/West EndJohn Waye
Level 1SaturdayApril 81:00pmCalgary ABBarry Lunseth
Children's CourseSundayApril 92:00pmCoquitlam, BCJanet Weiglet
Level 1SundayApril 2310:00am/1:00pm tbdOlympic Village/Vancouver BCChristina Willings
Level 1MondayApril 246:30pmVancouver/Kitsilano BCJean Shelemey
Level 1SaturdayMay 110:30amSouth Burnaby BCBal Kang
Level 2ThursdayMay 46:00pmVictoria BCLeslie Robinson
Level 1SaturdayMay 610:30amSouth Burnaby BCBal Kang
Level 1SundayMay 710:30amSouth Burnaby BCManjit Kang
Level 1Sunday May 712:00pmBrockville ONLee Davy
Level 1SundayJune 41:00pmVictoria BCLeslie Robinson
Level 1SundayJune 1112:00pmToronto ONLee Davy
Level 2ThursdayJune 226:00pmVictoria BCLeslie Robinson
Level 2MondaySeptember 47:00pmVancouver BCFaye Fitzgerald
Level 3Tuesday September 57:00pmVancouver BCFaye Fitzgerald

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Classes in the United States

See Upcoming Classes in Canada

CourseDayDate of First ClassTimeLocationTeacher
Level 1SaturdayMarch 41:00pmKent, WAMarcy Findley
Level 1SundayMarch 51:00pmKirkland, WAErika Ebbeson
Level 2SundayMarch 124:00pmMercer Island, WALaura Stanley
Level 1SaturdayMarch 251:00pm ESTBrooklyn, NYChristopher Fleck
Level 1MondayApril 177:00pmShoreline, WAShane Brown Bumbalo
Level 1SundayApril 231:00pmSeattle (Ballard Neighborhood), WAKatie Jackson
Level 2SundayMay 74:00pmMercer Island, WALaura Stanley
Level 2WednesdaySeptember 67:00pmSeattle WAFaye Fitzgerald
Level 3ThursdaySeptember 77:00pmSeattle WAFaye Fitzgerald

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