The Quality of our Experience is Determined by the Quality of our Attention

You may have heard the saying “Energy flows where attention goes” or “Thoughts become things” and “You get what you think about, whether you want it or not”.  All three of these statements are from different disciplines. And they all point to the same aspect of this world we live in – what you squality of our experienceee and feel depends on what you place your focus on.

When I took Level 1, I hadn’t thought much about physics. I had manifested many amazing things in my life – things that couldn’t be explained by the way the man-made world “normally” worked.   But it had been largely unconscious manifestations.  An elderly Indian gentlemen once told me emphatically what good karma I had – I think he was right.

During my Level 1 class there was talk about physics and I was intrigued. I am a learner by nature so I started learning about quantum physics. Over about eight years, as I developed my own practices, I came to understand more and more how magical this world is – how magical we are.

Quantum physicists will tell you that particles are essentially probability waves. They only stop “waving” and become a single entity when we observe them.  When we put our attention on them. Just think about what that means. When you put your attention on something, that particle stops being all possible things and becomes that one thing you are observing.

And it doesn’t matter if this is in your minds eye or in front of you. Now that’s magical.
So what are you thinking about?

~ by Nancy Marsh

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