Wanda Knisley

Level 1 Teacher - Ontario

When I was in the process of completing my executive coaching program, I met a coach who was incredibly intuitive and her presence was amazing. After getting to know her, I learned she practiced meditation and I was intrigued. Shortly after I started researching meditation, a friend of mine asked if I was interested in taking a meditation course called Level 1 with Training in Power.  I immediately agreed. Going in, I thought it would be the typical training and development program to enhance my professional abilities and add to my resume.  It turned out to be life changing and transformative.

The Training in Power system and community provided a space where I became more aware of my inner self, identified areas for healing, and became more conscious, all allowing me to manifest authentic and loving choices for myself and in my relationships.  Over the years I’ve continued to go deeper in finding my soul’s purpose and its been incredibly freeing.  I utilize the tools learned in the coursework in all areas whether my personal life or career.  In teaching Level I, its truly been an honour to guide others to find their power from the inside out.  If you would like more information about my classes, you can find me at findfreedomwk.com or email me at Knisleyconsulting@gmail.com

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