Our Empowering Dreams

Our dreams are tremendously powerful. If you take the time to recall and monitor your dreams, they can give you great insight.

Modern science doesn’t give much credence to dreams, but our ancestors considered them to be messages from the Divine. Many tribal cultures still consider the dream world to be real and the physical world to be illusionary.  Nearly everyone can recall with great clarity some significant and vivid dreams they’ve had, even years after they had the dream. These dreams often occur during transitional times of life. I refer to them as ‘God is talking to you.’

Many people have prophetic dreams. I have had many of them, including a premonitory dream a day before the September 11th terrorist attack.

Dreams can give you answers or creative solutions when you are stuck. Paul McCartney got the melody and words to the song ‘Yesterday’ in a dream. I always preprogram what I want to know about. If I’m starting to date someone, my dreams will give me the scoop on the person even if I haven’t consciously realized it yet. You too can learn to program in what your wish to dream about.
woman in a dream

Your dreams can help you know yourself better, when you learn how to interpret them and apply their lessons to your life. Once I asked for a dream to help me decide whether I should take a job or stay self-employed. I wasn’t prospering at the time.  I dreamt I was in the den of my condo which is my home office. I saw the outline of a door that I never knew existed. I opened the door and walked through to a large beautiful rooftop deck garden with a magnificent ocean view in full colour.

Keep in mind that I live on a ground floor unit with no view of the ocean. I thought in the dream, ‘This can’t all be mine – it must belong to the whole building.’ Then I realized, ‘No, it must be mine. The only entrance to this patio is from my den.’
This dream was telling me about my untapped potential. It made it clear that I was ready to face the challenge because I walked through the door of opportunity. It also told me that on an unconscious level, I did not quite believe I had the potential and it was time to claim it as my own.  I’ve had many years of successful self-employment since then.

Dream dictionaries are of little use when it comes to interpreting dreams. You need to determine what the symbols mean for you. Many things need to be taken into account, including your emotions in your dream and waking life, and recurring themes and metaphors. There are some guidelines but no fixed rules for dream interpretation. You will know when you interpreted the dream symbols of your dream correctly because it will just feel right.

Keep a dream journal. That will help you log recurring themes and emotions, as well as train you to focus on a dream when you first wake up. After awakening, dream recall falls to about 30% after 8 minutes and falls rapidly to 5% after that.
Lucid dreaming experience is remarkable, unmistakable, and seems so real you may feel like you are awake. I can literally go in and interpret a dream while I’m dreaming it. The more spiritually evolved people are, the more lucid dreaming occurs.  The power to manifest what we want in our lives is enhanced by the ability to control our lucid dreams.

So open your door to your dream world. By doing so, you can improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

By Jean Shelemey, Level 5 Teacher
Email: metajean@gmail.com

Jean teaches workshops in Dream Interpretation, as well as courses in Training in Power, Levels 1-5.