Healing at the Wellness Show

I just finished another weekend of energy healings at the Vancouver Wellness Show. Our team of healers and teachers had so much fun working with whoever showed up, all beautiful in their unique way, and willing to try something different.

Response to the “free energy healing” offer varies. Some people love it and bring their friends back every year. Others are just not in the mood. Sometimes it’s the wrong time of day, the weather, too much going on next door or down the aisle. And sometimes, it’s about what their buddy thinks!

shutterstock_244018153Some of us healers are more chatty than others. For me, it is not so easy to talk about this to someone I just met. So much depends on your personality. I’m pretty reserved. It took me a long time to reveal the healer side of myself at work, and even then it was because somebody was ill. But it helps me step out of my comfort zone, and it’s fun to show to people. I say “I can do energy healing at a distance”, and as I sit across from someone at the little trade show booth, that is part of what I am demonstrating. No physical touch is needed. Hugs are optional.

As I send the healing energy, I might talk about something I am seeing, hearing, feeling or just knowing– we each develop our intuition in our own way. People usually leave our booth more relaxed, feeling better, maybe a little stronger and ready for the next part of their day or their life.

So if you dropped by our booth and got a healing, thank you. You expanded our journeys, deepened our awareness, and gave us a chance to give something back to the world. We wish you well, and hope to see you again.

~ by Lori Fuglem, Level VII

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