Gotta Love Those Power Tools

I’ve been training in this energy-based system for over twenty years now. The number of “Power” tools that I’ve added to my “tool belt” is impressive. I am so grateful for the safety these tools provide me.  And I feel so much appreciation for the new ways I’ve learned of loving – myself and others.  But, mostly I can’t wait to share how much laughter and joy there is for me in doing this energetic work.

About eighteen years ago, I traveled to Peru by myself.  Did I mention how grateful I am for the safety and protection I experience with my Power tools? It was an amazing journey for me. And I still laugh out loud when I remember this part of my trip.

I was staying an extra day and night at Machu Picchu.  The second day at the ruins I ran into a fantastic tour guide who had led my Cusco city tour.  Her name is Marcella, and she is a full descendent of the Incan tribe.  She saw something in me that she really connected with. She was especially interested when I was working flat out in energy, really using my power tools. Magnetic Compass

This day, Marcella was leading a tour with a group of engineers. With her group’s permission, she asked me to join them.  And this is how I came to be in the Temple of the Sun, where the famous sundial is centered.  On each side of the sundial, there is a smaller rock that the Incas believe holds the energy for the sundial. Marcella asked if anyone had a compass.  I did, and I readily volunteered its service.  Marcella asked me to place the compass on one of these “guardian” rocks. As I placed it, I thought it behaved quite nicely, even if I said so myself. As I gazed upon its stillness with pride, Marcella leaned over and whispered in my ear, “What are you doing, Patreecia?  It is supposed to spin very fast!”

I realized that I was using several of my favorite tools to hold the compass still. I had thought that was what a compass should do. As the meaning of Marcella’s words settled, I consciously relaxed my power tools. Immediately, the compass needle started spinning very fast.  And Marcella finally exhaled.

It took all my self control not to laugh out loud with joy!  After the tour was over, Marcella and I had quite a talk over a cold soda.  We found that we had the same kind of energetic insights.  And yes – we ended up laughing till we had tears of joy streaming down our faces.

Joy.  That is a gift I always take from doing this work and using these tools.  Not only is the joy always there, but there are joyful surprises as well.  Thank goodness the Universe always keeps me in awe of the possibilities that are created from each event.  And each event is grounded in an exploration of light, love…..and of course, joy!

~ Patty Ferris  – Public Speaker
Level III Teacher and Spiritual Counselor