Connect to the love force of the universe and discover True Power

Have you ever wondered...

If someone is telling you the truth

  • Why you feel drained at the end of your day
  • What the best decision is for your life
  • How to heal yourself and others
  • How to achieve clarity and focus
  • Why you repeat behaviours that no longer serve you

Answers are within...

Level 1

Opportunity to find answers

Living in power

Take control back in your life

It is a life of knowing and a life of freedom – of living in Truth and coming to trust the Self.

When we learn to connect to this power and let it work through us, then we can heal ourselves and others, we can rejuvenate ourselves and we can find the answers that we desire, and we can manifest the life we want.

  • Longing that many of us experience – a calling – searching for something – a shift in consciousness – real change that is sustainable
  • We are seeking our own power – part of the greater power of the Universe. We can bring this into our lives for ourselves, those around us and the world
  • Level 1 - starting point – explains the beautiful orchestration between quantum physics, vibrational psychology, ancient energy systems.

Level 1 is a magical journey about you – it’s like going to “the university of you”. You are opening a file drawer within you – that may have been in storage for a while!

If life is not unfolding the way you have wanted – this is a system to free yourself from old patterns in your life. You will learn how to apply the science of power and healing systems to free yourself from old habits and unhealthy patterns in your life.

  • It will teach you how to manifest a life of passion, impeccability, creativity and personal wellness.
  • This means you can bring more of yourself into your life – you will learn to go beyond your intellectual portion of ourselves and into your deeper wisdom and deepest potential
  • Through meditation, we move into different brainwave patterns that allow us to access a deeper part of ourselves
  • We can reach and connect to the power and love of the Universe
  • Ultimately - commitment to ourselves – self-empowerment – self-love
  • We are claiming our own power, that which is part of the greater power of the universe.

It is time that we claim this – that we receive it so that we can bring that power into our lives for ourselves, our children and our world


What our students and teachers have to say...

Level 1 is the beginning step to taking back your life

"I wish that Level 1 was required to graduate from high school. But for now it’s the kind of course that each person must to decide to do. My wish is that everyone will choose to raise themselves to their full potential. And Level 1 is the beginning step to taking back your life."

-M.K. Redmond WA


If I had to narrow it down to one thing that I have received

"If I had to narrow it down to one thing that I have received from undertaking courses with Faye Fitzgerald and the Training in Power Academy, I would say that the deep sense of self-esteem and understanding of my unique contribution to the world is what stands out in my mind."



I was a psychic child

"I was a psychic child and learned to read palms when I was 11 years old and from there to astrology, numerology, tarot, back to palms. People avoided me they were afraid I would know too much about them. I avoided people as I did not want to know. Since taking Level I (in Abbotsford), I am now able to work and fit into mainstream society. I got on my own team!

The work is difficult, it takes focus and courage and the payback is incredible! I have learned to look to myself for answers, rather than to the exterior. I no longer blame others for my challenges in life. Mostly I’ve become aware of the rewards of being in service to myself first and others second. Life is rich."



I am Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Counseling

"For close to twenty years in my career in the helping profession, I worked in investigating and providing treatment in the areas of child abuse, sexual abuse and addictions.

In Level I of Training in Power I finally found people who understood as to why I had the ability to be so sensitive and also, I was given tools to assist with not getting burnt out from it. The Training in Power system changed my day to day experience in the workplace and in my life."



There are no words to describe the intense shift in awareness I have experienced

"Every course in this training is designed to support the learner to remove old and useless patterns of negative thinking. Each course lays the groundwork for increased self awareness and the path to true inspiration and joy in life. As a result of these courses, I continue to experience deeper and deeper levels of awareness and peace in my life. In my experience as an educator, there are few other resources that can offer this opportunity for profound change."


Meet Your Instructors

As teachers, we come from many walks of life, and like you, we seek wellness and a connection to our spirit’s purpose. Reach out to us to learn what’s possible.

Teachers throughout North America are available to teach you this extraordinary body of work. Come, if you are ready to begin, or continue, your journey.


Carmen-Bedard Gautrais

Carolyne 4

Carolynè PhillipèBaptistè

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Christopher Fleck


Elinor Svoboda


Jane Oxenbury


Matthew Craig

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Laura Stanley

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Jacob Lay

Transformation. Healing.


What kind of people take the training?

People from all walks of life come to this work. Our Level I teachers are expertly trained and have an average of 6 years of study before they even start teaching.

Can anyone do this work?

We all have gifts and in Level I we teach you how to get in touch with those gifts again and use them for your benefit

Do I have to know how to meditate to take the course?

No previous experience is necessary. The mediation technique we teach is appropriate for everyone. Students have told us that it is one of the most effective methods of meditation they have ever used. Those who had trouble meditating in the past report an ease with the techniques used in the course.

What are the classes like?

There are 4 classes, 1 week apart and are about 3-4 hours in length.

What is the basis of the course content?

All courses include a foundation in both ancient and modern systems, intricately weaving science and spirituality together. The system is based on many years of research and experimentation. Physics is the basis of all of the Training in Power™ Academy courses.

Where are the classes located?

Some are in-person and some are on-line. No matter where you are, there is one that will work for you.

Why is this meditation different?

We work in active meditation. This means that we find our place of peace and calm and then we have a place of healing, manifestation, and ways to answer our questions.

Is this work effective?

The teacher works with you to raise your vibration which allows you to create a shift in your feelings, your thoughts and understanding. All this work is done in love.

What you will learn

You will learn an efficient system of energy work that will enhance your health and well-being on every level. The course work is rich in content and highly illuminating. Most students experience many ‘awakenings' in self-knowledge while taking the courses.

Who teaches this work?

There are more than eighty teachers on the faculty of Training in Power™ Academy in Canada and the US. They are expertly trained as teachers and healers, training an average of four to six years before becoming certified as teachers of the Academy.

How do I pick a teacher?

When you click on the link, you will see a wide variety of teachers, times and locations. You will find the one that feels right for you!

What is the Anxiety and Depression Workshop?

If you have one, you have the other. This workshop has answers you may never have considered: why and how depression and anxiety are linked; what it is you have been chasing inside of you for so long; and why you can’t seem to jump off the hamster wheel of recurring, debilitating effects. If everything is frequency and depression is a trajectory, then you have the ability to tune to, and transform, that negative frequency from something that is controlling you – into something you can use to bring you into balance. You need only Knowledge and Truth to set you free.

How we plan to work with you:

Also, so you know, we have a very active follow up process after events and we do this every week.  We host 6-7 events and then we message people who are interested.  We do 1-1 conversations with 10-14 people a week and have been getting registrations – like a funnel of people.

We have about 300 people on a list that have responded to a message so we would be working with those during this promo as well.  We have people who are ready to do the contact and will co-ordinate that with your posts!  The facilitators will also identify those interested and we can follow up individually with them and send them through to the landing page.

What is Training in Power?

It is an advanced meditation and energetic healing system that uses vibrational psychology to help us release and heal all that keeps us from reaching our full potential. We learn to access our natural intuition and connection to our divine power through meditation and healing work. What does training “in power” mean? It is the power that allows you to reach and recognize your own power and manifestation abilities. It has always been yours and can be brought forward to your consciousness. This "power" is available to everyone should they seek it. Who developed this program? Faye Fitzgerald. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario Faye began her career in the social services field. She worked with a variety of vulnerable client groups and observed that many in the health and social services fields were unconsciously taking on the stress and negativity of those they were helping. Many wanted to make changes in their lives, but couldn't break free from what held them to old patterns. Faye believed she could offer some answers. She developed the Training in Power program to assist those she observed caught in cycles of negativity. See http://www.fayefitzgerald.com/ for more information on Faye.

I feel so much anxiety. I even have trouble sleeping.

We help you find ways to move through your anxiety and even have a way to for better sleep.

How do we learn how to work with the information and tools?

Level 1 is the study of grounding techniques and effective tools of assessment for energy clearing and alignment. You will learn to integrate intuition into everyday life. In each class information and tools are provided. The choice is yours to use these. We encourage you and provide support for you.

What is the follow-up?

After you have completed Level 1, there are monthly meetings that help you to continue to grow and change. Free audits of any Level I course are available for a full year following completion of your course.

How do I bring more abundance into my life? Relationships? Purposeful work?

In Level 1, we guide you to ways to begin to discover what stands in your way of leading the life you truly want – to have what you most desire and find success. You will learn techniques to help you to:

· Safely develop your natural instinctive intuition and psychic abilities.

· Apply three techniques to connect to your power and knowledge.

· Learn a highly effective shielding technique to protect yourself and those you love from negative energy

· Help you from feeling tired or drained.

· Wield a wavelength energy in a highly effective healing technique.

· Manifest wellness on all levels of Self.

· Use a unique active meditation style (appropriate for everyone, regardless of experience).

What is Vibrational Psychology?

Vibrational Psychology is the interplay of physics and human dynamics. Training into your power enables you to access your total potential through the study of vibrational psychology. As a result you will develop your natural sensitivity, intuitive abilities and the comprehension of manifestation principles.

"You are affecting the laws of manifestation. This is what training in power is. It's different than intellectual training. It's different than psychological work. It's different than exploring your emotions and finding yourself still in a dilemma of not knowing what the heck to do with it all."

~ Faye Fitzgerald, Founder - Training in Power ™


Join a community of students who have discovered True Power.

  • $100 off Level 1 ($395 plus taxes where applicable)
  • Free seat at the Depression Anxiety workshop (worth $169)
  • Offer ends May 31, 2022

If you are interested in a conversation, a healing or talking through something you are working on, we will arrange this with one of our teachers free of charge.


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