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These two tiny words pack a powerful punch, transcending culture, race and gender. At the core of the shortest sentence in the world lies a great Truth. I AM. I am both human and Divine, and I have a responsibility to rediscover the way Home. Your soul wants you to Wake up.

Training in Power™ Academy attracts people who are different. You don’t follow the crowd. You know there’s more than one way. You’re a Seeker. You believe there’s more than meets the eye to being human, but haven’t quite figured out where to find it.

Ready for change?

If you are seeking change, this amazing course may be your answer to the many questions you have, about life and your destiny.

Benefits you'll receive

  • increased vibration for healing and intuitive skills
  • effective shielding techniques
  • a meditation system that engages the active mind
  • energetic healing system
  • an extraordinary manifestation position

Prerequisites:  None

Course Description

Level I is a comprehensive study of the metaphysical world of power and your place in it. Course content includes work in ancient and modern systems with spirituality and science/physics intricately woven together. Powerful, magical and transformative, Level I offers those seeking clarity, truth or change, a profound opportunity to manifest a life of passion and choice.

Class Format

The course is delivered during 4 classes over 4 weeks. You will learn through lecture, discussion, guided meditations and energetic healing techniques. The course is designed to allow you to assimilate information with an opportunity to practice your learning between each class.

Class One - Introduction to the World of Power
Class Two - Deep in the Metaphysical World: Accessing the Greater Mind
Class Three - The Power to Heal and Manifest
Class Four - Using Tools and Techniques to Live a Conscious Life

What you will learn in 4 classes

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the connection between consciousness, energy, and healing
  • Interpret fundamental concepts of vibrational psychology, power and energy
  • Access a powerful light system for healing the self and others on all levels of body, mind and spirit
  • Practice a unique meditation system that engages the active mind, and is appropriate for both beginning and advanced learners
  • Access energetic shields to protect yourself and those you love from negative influences
  • Safely develop your intuitive and natural psychic abilities
  • Distinguish the difference between “personal power” and “Divine Power”
  • Develop your inner knowingness
  • Cultivate tools and techniques for conscious manifestation

After your Course

Graduates of Level I are welcome to audit any Level 1 course for free, anywhere in North America, for a year after graduation.

We also provide monthly meetings to enhance your comprehension and keep you on your path to living in power.

Two graduate healing sessions are also offered to prepare you to continue your journey with Level 2 - Ancient Shamanism. When you're ready for these special sessions, register here.


Tuition is $495 Early Bird (registered and paid 2 weeks in advance) for 4 classes taxes not included. Regular rate is $555.

You have a rich inner world beyond your wildest imagination. Excerpt, the Level 1 course


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I was a psychic child

“I was a psychic child and learned to read palms when I was 11 years old and from there to astrology, numerology, tarot, back to palms. People avoided me they were afraid I would know too much about them. I avoided people as I did not want to know. Since taking Level I (in Abbotsford),…

I am Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Counseling

“For close to twenty years in my career in the helping profession, I worked in investigating and providing treatment in the areas of child abuse, sexual abuse and addictions. In Level I of Training in Power I finally found people who understood as to why I had the ability to be so sensitive and also,…

There are no words to describe the intense shift in awareness I have experienced

Every course in this training is designed to support the learner to remove old and useless patterns of negative thinking. Each course lays the groundwork for increased self awareness and the path to true inspiration and joy in life.