Row Your Boat

Such a simple little song that was so fun to sing all together, in rounds, over and over.
Just thinking of rounds, I realized that this simple song is actually the quick guide to successful living on this planet. Let me break it down for you….
Row, row, row
– the repetition gives away the importance of this. We must take action, and more action.
Your boat – the key being ‘your’. You have absolute control over where you go in your own boat. But there’s no way you can row someone else’s – maybe steer a little – but at what cost to your own song?
Gently – this word should be underlined a few times. Always gentle with yourself. You are the most important person in your world.
Down the stream – not upstream or against the current, not across the flow – always with the flow.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily – Yes. This means more joy than action. Joy in action.
Life is but a dream – this is not a metaphor. It’s really all a dream. And we each create our own dream as we see fit.

So what is the recipe for success by rowing? How do I dream heaven on earth? I take responsibility for my own boat, rowing with the flow, full of joy and laughter and totally aware that this dream that is my life is my own creation.

~ by Nancy Marsh

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