There are more than 100 teachers on the faculty of Training in Power™ Academy in Canada and the US. They are expertly trained as teachers and healers, training an average of four to six years before becoming certified as teachers of the Academy. Their primary mandate is to impart information while holding a safe and healthy space for the student to attune to a wavelength of deep comprehension. Uniquely, our teachers use a wavelength that raises the vibration of each student, facilitating their access to new knowledge for their benefit and growth. Search our directory below for a teacher in your area, or, contact us for more teachers across North America.

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Vals Fauquier

Level 1, 2 and 3 Teacher – Burnaby BC


My driving passion is to help people shift their inner compass so they can stay on the path of living a destiny-driven life. To witness students achieve the freedom to make new choices, and aspire to greatness, is my greatest reward. I feel blessed to call myself a teacher and coach.

I have authored and delivered leadership courses as a faculty member of the Centre for Leadership at The Justice Institute of BC for 12 years.  Concurrently, I have been both a teacher and a student on my own spiritual journey for over 20 years with Training in Power™ Academy.

Of all the courses I have had the privilege to teach, Training in Power™ courses are the most magical and effective choice for those seeking to manifest change in their lives quickly. It is so much more than a meditation course. It is a life-changing course, one in which you will find that inner compass. I teach Level 1 (The Prophet), Level 2 (Shamanism) and Level 3 (Tibetan Mastery).

In addition to full time teaching, I have a sideline passion for creating online education programs and websites for people with a mission to make a difference in the world. Lucky me!

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