There are more than 100 teachers on the faculty of Training in Power™ Academy in Canada and the US. They are expertly trained as teachers and healers, training an average of four to six years before becoming certified as teachers of the Academy. Their primary mandate is to impart information while holding a safe and healthy space for the student to attune to a wavelength of deep comprehension. Uniquely, our teachers use a wavelength that raises the vibration of each student, facilitating their access to new knowledge for their benefit and growth. Search our directory below for a teacher in your area, or, contact us for more teachers across North America.

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Nancy Cullinan

Graduate Coordinator
Home Seattle WA Work Phone: 1-800-280-5753


I am a teacher, a healer and a deep feeler. Animals are incredibly important to me, especially my two pups Edison and Angel. I have been in Training In Power for 13 years now, and in that time I have awakened a wonderful knowing within myself. The Training has helped me to understand myself in a much deeper way and has taught me how to utilize the gifts that I have.

I have always been a feeler; when I walk in the room I can tell how people are feeling and it used to impact me terribly. The Training has helped me understand that being a feeler is not a bad thing, it is a gift. Now I utilize that ability to assist me in my life and to help others as well.

I am honored to help our community of teachers in my role as Graduate Coordinator.

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