There are more than 100 teachers on the faculty of Training in Power™ Academy in Canada and the US. They are expertly trained as teachers and healers, training an average of four to six years before becoming certified as teachers of the Academy. Their primary mandate is to impart information while holding a safe and healthy space for the student to attune to a wavelength of deep comprehension. Uniquely, our teachers use a wavelength that raises the vibration of each student, facilitating their access to new knowledge for their benefit and growth. Search our directory below for a teacher in your area, or, contact us for more teachers across North America.

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Leslie Robinson

Level 1 and 2 Teacher, Calgary & Victoria
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Trainer and coach in Victoria and Calgary

Leslie knew she would teach this most remarkable work in her first class of Training in Power™ Level 1, in 2001.

“The continual personal transformations, healings, and manifestations available from Training in Power classes has catapulted my relationships, careers, and joy for life.  Oh, and, my daughter tells me my eyes have changed from dark green to sparkling blue since I started Training!”

Combining the ‘power tools’ of Training in Power with her Masters degree in Adult Education, Leslie pioneers the practical application of quantum physics and the acceleration of profound learning and exponential consciousness.  Her students and coaching clients describe her classes as provocative, experiential, inspirational, and fun!

Leslie’s Five Minute Facilitator is an exciting platform for content experts to learn how to teach in fast, effective small group coaching sessions. Her Advanced Facilitation Certificate program takes facilitation training beyond skills traditionally found within the corporate and academic classroom into the emerging field of Vibrational Facilitation.

Her clients include The Navy, BC Public Service Agency, Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, Elections BC, and Health Canada. Leslie has authored 15 books.

Leslie teaches Training in Power™ Levels 1 and 2 in Victoria and Calgary.






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