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Heal the Self, Heal the World.

Master Warrior
"Master Warrior keeps me grounded, alert and vital. Couldn't live without it!"
TD, Vancouver
Master Warrior Program

Master Warrior Program


The Master Warrior program was developed over a decade ago by Faye Fitzgerald, the founder of Training in Power™ Academy. Its purpose: to establish the potentiality of longevity in the physical form, and, to support energetic healers and students maintain vital life force while elevating in vibration.   

Do you...

  • seek self-mastery: confidence, courage, and health in your physical form?
  •  seek to be fully and passionately in your body?
  •  want to increase your life force? Build chi?
  •  find yourself curious about Tai Chi, Karate, Bagua and other systems?

 A typical evening's workout at Master Warrior

 Breath Work/Cardio


 Tai Chi

 Boxing; jiujutsu

 Baguazhang, tae kwon do


Class Format

Workout and awesome meditations!

Classes are offered weekly throughout the year in Vancouver and Seattle and drop-in's are welcome.



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