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Heal the Self, Heal the World.

Master Warrior

"I am Worth Defending"
Master Warrior Workshop
Seattle WA - Sunday June 28, 2015
  • Learn martial art tools and techniques that anyone can master!
  • Open to anyone 18+
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Master Warrior Program

Master Warrior Program


The Master Warrior program was developed over a decade ago by Faye Fitzgerald, the founder of Training in Power™ Academy. Its purpose: to establish the potentiality of longevity in the physical form, and, to support energetic healers and students maintain vital life force while elevating in vibration.   

Do you...

  • seek self-mastery: confidence, courage, and health in your physical form?
  •  seek to be fully and passionately in your body?
  •  want to increase your life force? Build chi?
  •  find yourself curious about Tai Chi, Karate, Bagua and other systems?

 A typical evening's workout at Master Warrior

 Breath Work/Cardio


 Tai Chi

 Boxing; jiujutsu

 Baguazhang, tae kwon do


Class Format

Workout and awesome meditations!

Classes are offered weekly throughout the year throughout North America. Give us a call or email - try it out!


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