Living with Things that Sting

In the spring, a few years back, I noticed a small hornets’ nest in my outdoor kitchen. I was dismayed. Why would the hornets want to make their nest there? How was I going to get rid of it without being stung a hundred times? Would I have to pay someone to kill them? Well that didn’t feel right. They were just doing what hornets do …. whatever that is. Surely they didn’t deserve to die for living their life. What else was I to do?

Then I had the pleasure of visiting with Dorothy MacLean who started Findhorn in Scotland. I was reminded of a time that they relocated a colony of moles by asking them to move. The next day they saw a parade of moles moving to their new home in the adjacent land.

I decided I would ask the hornets to move. I tuned to their vibration, to the queen hornet specifically. Her energy seemed to steadily and gently invite my alignment. Not quite believing I was doing this, I found myself silently asking her what to do. I was asking from the heart, without words if you know what I mean. I felt her response in a sweet, calm energy reflected in their thrumming, flying vibrations. There was a steadiness and a strong willingness to work with a human. I felt honoured … then surprised that I felt honoured by a hornet. I mean really, it was pretty weird!

Over the summer the hornets’ nest grew and so did the hornets. The spring hornets were tiny and by midsummer they were about an inch long. They were highly focussed flyers and amazing paper nest builders. Each day I observed them with awe and wonder – as well as with a quiet but steady terror reminding me I was still afraid.

I learned that the queen creates a tiny nest in which she builds a hexagonal structure for each egg. After laying an egg, she protects each hexagon with a silken dome, anchored to the larger nest. Apparently, the ancient Chinese used this as a model for their papermaking.


All summer long, the hornets’ nest drew a great many human visitors. More than a dozen power trainers witnessed its growth and probably have their own stories. At one point, I needed a phone jack inches from the hornets’ nest. Three beefy alpha males showed up to do the install. They were the most entertaining human visitors – jumping around, swearing oaths. One wanted to throw rocks at it. I calmly told them I had an agreement with the hornets and all they had to do was get out of the flight path. Once I pointed it out, these guys got out of the hornets’ way and the swearing stopped.

And then, an interesting thing happened. One by one, each guy came to me – out of earshot of his mates. One started to talk about energy lines. Another made ‘meaningful’ eye contact as he left asking what really was going on. I told him I was overcoming a lifelong fear. The third told me that, because he had been hurt as a child when he tried to share his gifts, he’d been hiding them away, not able to talk about them. That is, until now.

Well, by October, the hornets were gone. I was unexpectedly sad. One hornet returned a few days after the rest left and slowly walked around the outside of the magnificent art form that is their nest. She was dying. It was her time. I stood below looking up, feeling such loving gratitude for these creatures, so maligned by our culture.

I learned so much in such a short time from these creatures. They taught me about:

  • birthing inside a hexagon under a silken dome. 
  • making and honouring a contract with another life form – the wavelength we call ‘hornet’. 
  • shifting my consciousness and using perspective. 
  • how shifting my own consciousness causes the consciousness of others to shift. 
  • humility in surrendering to the flow of life force.

My life was enriched that summer, living with things that sting.

~ Leslie Robinson, Level II Teacher

At the End of the Parade

So often in my life, I have expected a big brassy fanfare or an elegant display of light to precede big spiritual moments. When I find myself waiting for the fanfare, I’m reminded of a time from my teen years.

I grew up in a small town about sixty miles outside of Chicago, where the suburbs halt and give way to the cornfields. Although my high school was quite small, our marching band was quite good and quite a bit larger than one would expect.

marching bandOne year, our band was invited to march in the famous Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade. It was freezing that day. But even with the cold and long time waiting in line, we were all entering a new chapter in our lives. Many of us had never been to Chicago before. Few had witnessed such a huge community of spectators. For sure none of us had seen so many bagpipes at one time before.

We felt so good that day! The notes from our instruments expanded in a regal way as they bounced from skyscraper to skyscraper. And in these last 40 years thinking about that day, I don’t recall our marching band ever looking or sounding so good.

So where am I going with this? We won first place out of over 50 marching bands in the parade. And because no one had ever heard of our small town, we were lined up near the back of the parade. We didn’t even make it on the three hours of TV coverage. We surprised everyone that year. None of us cared about the recognition. We each knew the experience was perfect just for us.

Throughout my life, spiritual mo

ments of any magnitude came in like this. The fanfare was of a different type and always took me by surprise. It was never what I expected. Sometimes it would touch a different place in my life than I envisioned. Most of the time, these moments of magnitude come quietly at the end of the parade. But without exception, each time that I am gifted with a real connection to Spirit, to Source, to the Universe, I am amazed at its perfection.

~ by Patty Ferris – Public Speaker
Level III Teacher and Spiritual Counselor with Training in Power Academy

One of the Most Unbreakable Powers Of All

I recently had a stirring conversation with Shaughna Born, a colleague/teacher/friend of mine. We were discussing the trait of loyalty. I shared that I had been wrestling with a relationship in which I feel that trait has been a detriment. Loyalty has always felt like a double-edged sword. When I’m loyal to someone, I feel compelled to remain in a loving space even when trust is broken. Sometimes, that feels like the worst kind of double bind. Do you hold that space or do you walk away?

I’d like to share what Shaughna said to me. It helped me so profoundly and perhaps you might also benefit from hearing it.

“Loyalty is a beautiful and valuable thing. It requires discernment. Make sure you invest it wisely. It is one of the most unbreakable powers of all.”

Walking Away

I realized that having discernment doesn’t mean that I lose that person or the love I have for them, if I choose to remove myself. It means I can keep holding that healing space open, and hold my loyalty to what will surely be a better place for us in the future, whatever that looks like. Now, my power to wield the purity of loyalty remains a positive characteristic, and not a weakness. The trick is, the discernment must be made in power, not in anger or hurt. This keeps my loyalty and love intact and allows the other to step into their own.

I can’t say that I have mastered this. But I now understand the power of loyalty as a strength, and I choose to wield it from this perspective, with discernment. It feels correct to me. And I am grateful for the freedom of now reframing how I use and where I invest my loyalty, instead of just throwing it away.

~ C. Braunwarth, Level I Teacher

All My Relations

On some level, we all know that we are all one. Throughout North America, Indigenous people have a very sacred and old expression of this oneness. You may have heard it used – “All my Relations”.


I heard this expression used for years without fully understanding its meaning. A few years ago I had the honour of an elder’s explanation of the true meaning of “All my Relations”.  My previous understanding of the expression was shaped by my very limited Western teachings.

All my Relations” is used to refer to our connection to all sentient, living beings. It refers not just to humans, not even just to life on this planet, but to all sentient beings every where. That includes the living beings of the human world, the plant world, the animal world, the mineral world and the spirit world. It includes our ancestors as well as our children’s children’s children. It includes all sentient forms of life, in all times, and all places.

All my Relations” is also an acknowledgement of, and invitation to, the holy spirit beings that assist us on our spirit path. “All my Relations” acknowledges that we are all one, that we are all interdependent, that the harm of one is the harm of all just as the blessing of one is the blessing of all.

Saying “All my Relations” is a way of connecting spiritually to all of life, to all of creation, humbly, as an equal. It is also a way of acknowledging our responsibility to all of creation, to all life, a way of showing respect to all life that is here now and all life that lives for the next seven generations.


The power of that much Love stirs me very deeply and I continue to learn more about these three simple words every time I hear or use the expression. I share this learning as a way of creating more space for all those who resonate with this way of being, including me.

All my Relations,
Artemis Fire

Three Nutrition Tips

1. Cleanse your liver daily
Your liver performs more than 500 functions including detoxification. Give it and your gallbladder a little help every day with this easy cleanse:

Lemon Squeezer

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, squeeze the juice of ½ lemon into a cup of warm, filtered water and drink.
Wait 30 minutes before having anything else.
This is a gentle liver and gallbladder tonic, blood cleanser, and sets up for good digestion for the rest of the day.

Be sure to rinse your mouth with fresh, clean water after the lemon drink, to protect your tooth enamel.

2. Be kind to your liver
Plan your meals so that food is fully digested before you go to sleep at night. Allow the following digestion times:

  • Flesh Protein (4-6 hours)
  • Vegetable Protein (3-4 hours)
  • Vegetables (2-3 hours)
  • Fruit (1 hour)

Notice how you feel the next morning.

3. Neutralize those nightshades

Nightshade foods may subtly remove calcium from the bones and deposit it in joints, kidneys, arteries, and other areas of the body where it doesn’t belong.

Nightshade vegetables include potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, and tobacco. While nightshades may be alkalizing they do adversely affect calcium balance.

Eating dairy will balance and neutralize nightshades. Consuming nightshades on a dairy-free diet will result in calcium loss, so go ahead and have cheese with your salad, and butter on your potato.

Note: “Old” potatoes have been known to cause gastrointestinal inflammation, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness.

~ by Nancy Hall R.H.N.

Breakfast for Health

When I get up in the morning, it’s not long before my thoughts turn to food. Depending on the season, I choose from a number of things – eggs with vegetables when I want hearty food, a smoothie when I’m on the go, or yummy oatmeal, the ultimate comfort food.

A frittata is an easy way to combine eggs and vegetables. It’s also helpful in using up leftovers. Try this for a really hearty breakfast.frittata

3 eggs (per person) – add 1 tbsp water
1/2 zucchini – grated
1/2 onion – chopped
1/2 pepper – chopped
6-8 asparagus stems – steamed and chopped
1 tsp of mixed herbs (like basil, thyme, dill, oregano, marjoram, etc.)
1/2 tsp sea salt, pepper
1/2 cup cheese – grated, cubed or sliced

  • Begin by wisking the eggs together with herbs, salt and pepper until incorporated.
  • Heat a frypan on the stove on high.
  •  Add 1 tbsp oil/butter when it’s hot.
  • Toss in the veggies, keeping the zucchini aside for later. Cook until soft.
  • Add the eggs and stir to mix with the veggies.
  • Once the eggs are nearly done, add in the zucchini and the cheese, and mix until cooked.


This is a standard favourite of mine in the mornings. Lately I am experimenting with barley and spelt flakes to mix it up a little.

2 cups water, bring to a boil
1 cup quick cooking oats
1/2 cup raisins/dried fruit
1/4 tsp each – freshly grated cinnamon, nutmeg
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp birch sugar/xylitol
4 tbsp hemp hearts
1 cup milk
1 tbsp butter

  • Once the water is boiling, add the salt and oats.
  • Add the raisins, spices and vanilla next.
  • Turn heat down to simmer.
  • Let the oatmeal cook for five minutes.
  • Pour it into a bowl and add any optional ingredients
  • My favourites? I mix in the hemp hearts, then sprinkle birch sugar on top and finish it with a dollop of butter. Yum!

Not much time in the morning? A smoothie is quick and delicious. I always make enough for two!

2 cups frozen berries
2 heaping tbsp of protein powder
1 tbsp Udo’s oil (Udo Erasmus’ brand of various blends of healthy essential oils – ask at your health food store)
1 tsp xylitol/birch sugar
2 cups liquid (water, blueberry juice, milk or yogurt)

  • Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
  • For a thicker smoothie, use less liquid.

~ by Matthew Craig


Meditating with Crystals – Sodalite

I have been interested in stones and crystals for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I loved to collect pretty rocks and tumbled stones.  For years before I took the Training, I would buy books about crystals that would tell me their different meanings.  Little did I know that in some of these books, the author had received information about each crystal through meditation.

I decided to try it for myself, using the tools I learned in Level 1.  Over the years, as I learned how to interpret my own information and trust myself more, I found I could open more and more to the information available to me.  While I can still look at a book for a quick idea of what to do with a crystal, I find that each crystal is unique.  It may have properties it shares with other crystals of its type, but it may also have properties of its own.  When I work with crystals, I still find the best information comes from within, through meditating with them.

To begin, I recommend working with awakened, cleared crystals. One of the techniques we learned in Level 1 is how I clear my crystals. If you’d like to know more, please visit a Level 1 class near you for details!

Recently, I’ve been meditating with Sodalite. In its most common form, it is a rich blue stone interlaced with white striations.


My Read on the Metaphysical Properties of Sodalite
Here’s some of what I learned while meditating with a piece of Sodalite:

  • Its energy feels like a gentle light blue, like a pale sky blue.
  • Its energy promotes a sense of organization and balance, but with the essence of simplicity.
  • On the throat chakra, it releases emotions (tension) caught in the throat.
  • On the second chakra, it gently illuminates, bringing a sense of peace and grounding.
  • On the 3rd eye chakra, it opens the third eye. It begins gently, by assuaging fears of seeing. Sodalite reminds me that there is order to the universe and that it is safe to look. It can also be used (with intention) to dispel illusion.
  • On the crown chakra, sodalite can be used with intention to restore a sense of a greater order… a higher order.
  • Held in the left hand, this crystal offers a sense of companionship and comfort – a sense of ease.
  • Held in the right hand, it draws out and dispels negativity and clear it. When used this way, be sure to give the sodalite a good clearing afterward.

~ by Lisa Voisin, Level II Teacher

Healing at the Wellness Show

I just finished another weekend of energy healings at the Vancouver Wellness Show. Our team of healers and teachers had so much fun working with whoever showed up, all beautiful in their unique way, and willing to try something different.

Response to the “free energy healing” offer varies. Some people love it and bring their friends back every year. Others are just not in the mood. Sometimes it’s the wrong time of day, the weather, too much going on next door or down the aisle. And sometimes, it’s about what their buddy thinks!

shutterstock_244018153Some of us healers are more chatty than others. For me, it is not so easy to talk about this to someone I just met. So much depends on your personality. I’m pretty reserved. It took me a long time to reveal the healer side of myself at work, and even then it was because somebody was ill. But it helps me step out of my comfort zone, and it’s fun to show to people. I say “I can do energy healing at a distance”, and as I sit across from someone at the little trade show booth, that is part of what I am demonstrating. No physical touch is needed. Hugs are optional.

As I send the healing energy, I might talk about something I am seeing, hearing, feeling or just knowing– we each develop our intuition in our own way. People usually leave our booth more relaxed, feeling better, maybe a little stronger and ready for the next part of their day or their life.

So if you dropped by our booth and got a healing, thank you. You expanded our journeys, deepened our awareness, and gave us a chance to give something back to the world. We wish you well, and hope to see you again.

~ by Lori Fuglem, Level VII

What is Power?

Power – it’s right in our name. We say we can train you into your power. So what is this power that we’re talking about?

As usual, I start with semantics. How does the dictionary define power? Here’s the results I get when I google “define: power”:

  1. the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.
  2. the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
  3. physical strength and force exerted by something or someone
  4. energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical or other means and used to operate a device.
  5. the number of times a certain number is to be multiplied by itself [mathematics]

Good start. But what “they” don’t tell us is that everything in this Universe is energy. We are each entirely made of energy. Everything in our environment is made of energy. We’ve been conditioned to see and believe that the “things” around us are solid, unchanging. But physicists will tell you that every thing here in this world as well as in the Universe is mostly empty space. The rest is wavelength (i.e. energy). Our own body is mostly empty space.

shutterstock_237582082So from this viewpoint of everything as energy, “the ability to do something or act in a particular way” takes a different shape. It means that I am able to harness and direct the energy that is me in a focused way to get a particular result. Who decides what the result is?

I do, of course. Even if I don’t know I am choosing, I am choosing.

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” He was talking about intention or how we use intention to direct the course of events in our reality. But what is intention but thought? And thoughts are wavelength, vibration, frequency. Yes indeed, those are all ways to describe energy.

Our power lies in our mastery over our own energy. We’re not talking about mastery over others. We don’t aspire to control or exert force over others. We train into personal mastery. For me, training into my power is an ever-expanding process of becoming more conscious of how I’m choosing to place the energy that is me in each moment.

Eckhart Tolle talks about this in “The Power of Now”. He says “Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now”. There is only now. It’s the only place and time that we can have mastery. My power is in the now. Your power is in the now.

Wouldn’t you like to claim your power fully? You are the only one who can claim it and you can only claim it for yourself. So how are you choosing to bring your power into your Now?

~ by Nancy Marsh

Conscious Eating – Find Your Balance Within

Eating consciously and having an awareness of and appreciation for our food is a very important step towards achieving balance and wellness. Making the best food choices by paying attention to what we are consuming, and noticing how it affects us, is crucial for health and longevity.

Nutrition, in the form of good quality food, combined with good digestion and exercise, nourishes us on every level. It helps balance our emotions, and directly affects how we think and feel.

Organic, bio-dynamic
Locally grown fruit and vegetables
Medication-free, pasture-fed animal protein
Unprocessed, unrefined whole foods
Unpasteurized, organic dairy
Fresh, enzyme rich
Pesticide-laden food
Aged, old, or rotting food
Hormone, antibiotic and grain-fed animal protein
Irradiated food, Genetically Modified
Chemically processed, refined sugar
Food raised in unethical conditions

According to Ancient Ayurvedic principles, a poor quality diet promotes disease by allowing low-level thinking, destructive thoughts and behaviour. This is referred to as Tamas. When we eat Tamasic food, it makes it difficult to be anything other than Tamasic. It is believed, when we are mindful of what we are eating, we will benefit by staying well with a clear mind that supports high-level thinking.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes food as having YIN and YANG qualities that have a direct effect on our bodies when consumed. Yin and yang describe all phenomena. They are polar opposite, yet interact with one another. Nothing is purely yin or yang, and if either one predominates the other will consume it.

Ginger tea

The appropriate balance between yin and yang foods is desired, depending upon the constitution of a person’s body. If one is Yin deficient, as could be the case with a person having diabetes, hypoglycemia, anxiety, stress, insomnia, or hot flashes, they would want to build their yin by consuming good quality animal foods, dairy, whole grains, quality fats, cod liver oil, chlorella, and spirulina.

If someone is Yang deficient, they may exhibit symptoms of cold hands and feet, a cold body, abdominal bloating, fatigue, and low sex drive. Suggestions to combat this deficiency would be to build the yang while supporting the yin and a diet emphasizing cooked foods, using warming spices, such as ginger, cloves, and cinnamon, and limiting fruit and salads would be recommended.

Yin and Yang Food Characteristics:

Salty, Bitter, Sour
Descending Energetic Qualities
Sweet, Pungent
Ascending Energetic Qualities

It is interesting to note how our culture has become so disconnected from food, its value and its effect on us- physically, emotionally and spiritually. Food has valuable, life-giving, energetic qualities that nourish us. Understanding Ayurvedic principles or having knowledge of yin and yang is helpful to finding balance, but not necessary. Being conscious of what we eat and how it affects us, individually and collectively, is necessary.

As a suggestion, for your next meal, pay attention to how your food feels in your mouth- is it sweet, sour, bitter, or pungent? Notice its qualities and texture- is it warm or cold, dry or moist? These are clues to how it will behave and react in your system. Also, notice how your meal makes you feel a few hours later- energized or lethargic, anxious or calm, hot or cold?

Most importantly, before eating your meal, be sure to express gratitude for it. Especially when you are in doubt of its quality, acknowledging its value and giving thanks will optimize its nutritional value so you may receive all of its gifts- if you are willing. Namaste.

~by Nancy Hall, R.H.N., Level X