Meditating with Crystals – Garnet

For years, I used to pore over books about crystals, finding contradictory information and wondering how to know what was correct. As I mentioned in my post about Sodalite once I decided to meditate with my crystals and see what information they had to share with me, I discovered that every crystal is a unique individual.

As I began treating each crystal in this way, I could see the common properties and similarities between all stones of a type. But just as crystals amplify, absorb, clear, and store energy, they are affected by their experiences, the places they’ve been, how energetically clean they are, and the people who’ve handled them. Interesting how like us they are.

The garnet crystal I worked with in this session was one I bought at a rock and gem show in Abbotsford a few years ago. I bought it because it seemed to call to me from across the room. It was love at first sight.

In general, garnet is a rich red stone with a lovely energy. Because it’s commonly used in jewelry, you often see it cut and polished. In its rough form, however, the rich red garnet looks like a brownish red pebble. Garnet is sometimes known as the birthstone for January.

Here’s what I discovered about my garnet crystal when I meditated with it:

  • Garnet energy is quite grounding.
  • It heals and opens the sexual and procreative areas.
  • It enhances passion.
  • Garnet is good for the root chakra.
  • It allows for creative vision.
  • Garnet energizes the aura in a calm way and amplifies energy without any jarring.
  • It sharpens all the senses, especially smell and taste.

Garnet energy is self-contained, never showy. It is often used as a stone of protection. It promotes prudence and energetic awareness, clarity and calm.

As I experimented, I discovered some specific uses:

  • Held over the second chakra, it promotes creativity, the freedom to explore who you are and the ability to move from a plan into action.
  • Over the heart chakra, it enhances a love of truth, and opens your heart to your physical self.
  • Over the thymus, it opens you to stardust energy.
  • Over the throat, it opens you to creative communications – new ways.
  • Over the 3rd eye, it enhances archetypal visions, such as remembering experiences from past lives.
  • Held over the crown chakra, it encourages a flow of energy from the crown down to the root chakra – grounding, and bringing light into the body.

These are just some of the things I learned while meditating with this piece of garnet. I encourage you to do the same with some of the crystals that you share your home with.

~ Lisa Voisin, Level II Teacher