The Art of Precision or, Be Careful What You Wish For

We all have natural abilities. Sometimes we are conscious of them and use them well. Sometimes we don’t ever fully discover them. Some people have the gift of being able to make anything work. Others can tell stories that keep you listening for hours. Everyone has something – some have many things. I can shape the weather. As much as this is a natural ability, I’ve had the chance to enhance it since taking Level 2 – Ancient Shamanism.

You may remember my story of how I became truly aware that I have this talent. (Rain Rain Go Away…) Since that time, I’ve consciously practiced and honed it, to the point where I can now simply place my order and my request is delivered. The trick, I’ve found, is to be precise and specific.

For a few years, I prepared detailed reports that required the inspection of buildings. Our goal was to take inventory of building, electrical and mechanical components. Roughly 25% of the inspections were outside. An important part of these on-site visits was taking photographs for use in the report.

When photographing the exterior of buildings, the weather has a profound effect. Rain makes things difficult. Lack of light is the least of it – rain drops in the foreground obscure details and puddles cover up whole areas. Bright sunshine makes things difficult also – there are many shiny parts on a building, and bright light makes the photos seem over exposed. Recent rain combined with bright sunshine is one of the worst scenarios.

One day, I had an inspection in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, British Columbia. We always worked in a team – an inspector and a data collector. Both the inspector and I were driving from the North Shore. I was amazed at how little visibility there was in the heavy rain. Just then, the inspector called to see if we should cancel the inspection – due to the rain.


But wait … I forgot to mention that I’d already placed my order. We’d been having a lot of heavy rain in Vancouver so I had started preparing the night before. I knew we only needed a two hour window with no rain. I also was very specific – I only wanted the rain to stop. I did not want the sun to come out during that time. The flat roof was bound to have pooling water and photographs would be impossible if the sun was shining. The time frame? 9am to 11am pacific time, please and thank you very much.

I was confident despite the deluge. So I joked with the inspector about already placing my order. We’d be just fine, I told him. Of course I had a backup plan…. Just to be sure, I reiterated my order, with an extra does of gratitude, just to quiet my own “monkey mind”.

When I arrived at the building, it was 20 minutes to 9am. The rain had slowed to a spit. By 9am, all precipitation had stopped completely. The inspector seemed a little dazed. He couldn’t quite process the shift from torrential downpour a half hour before.

I decided we’d start our work from the top down so we headed to the roof first. But we’d leave the interior until the end – just because I was confident in the delivery of my order, it didn’t make sense to waste the grace.

The sun started to break out briefly so I did some quick clarifying. I even said it out loud, “Thank you but no sunshine until after 11am please. ” It only took a few minutes before the clouds moved to block out the few rays coming through. It was almost cartoon-like how fast this happened. The inspector gave me a puzzled look, and made some wisecrack about talking to myself. What could I do but smile?

We finished our inspection by five after 11am and decided to go to a coffee shop a few blocks away to debrief. As you’ll recall, my order was for no rain until 11am. So I suggested we drive even though we could have walked in a few minutes. I told the inspector that my order had run out so we needed to be prepared for the rain to return. He just shook his head in that way that people do when they’re convinced you’re simply not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

When we left the coffee shop 20 minutes later, it was pouring rain again. We stood under the eaves for a few minutes and laughed at how perfectly timed it was. He was sure it was all a coincidence. I know full well the Universe delivered exactly what I had ordered.

The best part? I’ve practiced using this power tool so much now that as long as I’m precise and specific with what I’m asking for, and as long as my request is made with gratitude, the Universe delivers my order first time, every time.

~ Nancy Marsh, Level 1 Teacher

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again – When I Say

One of my favourite power tools is weather control. Throughout the ages, Shamans have practiced various methods of controlling the weather. Often shrouded in ritual, there are invocations, ceremonies, dances, purifications, and sometimes sacrifices. When I took Level 2 – Ancient Shamanism, I felt like my teacher was just reminding me of things I had forgotten. I didn’t know it then, but as I’ve worked with the Level 2 power tools, I’ve remembered many experiences of being a Shaman.

Some part of me has always known I had influence on the weather around me, in the way that I know when I allow myself to believe in those things that have no logical explanation. But I didn’t really own it.

Fast forward a few years – I was living in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I was renting a room in the basement of a level 9 colleague’s home. We had a level 13 housemate. The three of us were an odd assortment. I learned a lot about myself during that time, including being witnessed in the act of creating a weather shift so precise, there was really no denying it was my doing.

Please understand that I love the rain. I love the sound of it in the trees. I love the smell in the air. I love the softer quality of light. I even love walking in the rain, especially in the woods. But there are times when I just don’t want to get wet.Nancy and Nootka

I was taking a fast-track certification course for dog trainers. The program was physically challenging and overall, quite demanding. We worked outdoors 80% of the time, rain or shine. In this beautiful rainforest we got more than our fair share of rain that fall. I was constantly drying off myself and my canine counterpart, Nootka.

Weeks of almost non-stop rain left me unprepared to accept getting wet on my day off. This one Saturday I’d arranged to make up some credit by doing extra work with Nootka. I woke that morning to pouring rain. I don’t mean just a little rain – I mean pelting down. This type of disappointment was enough to set me off in those days – I was feeling pretty worn out and very soggy. But I held steady, decided to change my attitude and just get it done.

My girl Nootka lived about 10 minutes away. By the time I had her in the car ready to go, it was only spitting. Another 10 minutes to get to the back lawn of the Parliament buildings where I was meeting my teacher. By then the rain had stopped and the clouds were starting to clear. By the time the group of us had gathered around our teacher with our dogs, the sun had come out.

Seriously. Within 15 more minutes, we had clear blue sky above us and we’d all peeled off various layers to shorts and t-shirts. There was quite a lot of smiling going on (dogs included) – I wasn’t the only one who was tired of the rain.

We worked for an hour or so, with only an occasional cloud passing. In the time it took me to drive Nootka home, the clouds started coming in. By the time I got home, I didn’t need my sunglasses at all. And that’s when I lost track of the weather. I took a quick shower and a half hour nap. And when I woke, it was pelting down rain again.

I remember thinking how grateful I was for the sunshine earlier. But I didn’t really give it much thought until I was talking with my Level 9 housemate over coffee. She was so happy I’d done such a great job clearing the weather. She’d had two peaceful hours in the garden, no rain at all, and almost an hour of bright sunshine. She chuckled as she told me that it had started to rain again right after I went downstairs for my nap.

And, just like that, she’d turned on the light. I realized that yes, I had done that. I made the rain stop and the sun come out. It stayed clear for the entire time I had to be outside. Once my need for dryness was done, the rain returned. It took up right where it left off.

It was a dramatic demonstration really. Almost unbelievable that the timing was so precise. Except that I’d witnessed it too. And I set my intention right then to practice using this power tool often so that I would be able to wield it with confidence and precision.

~ by Nancy Marsh, Level 1 Teacher

Crystal Healing

Long ago, many civilizations understood the power of crystals and stones and used them for protection, healing and rites of initiation. Ancient medical traditions included the wearing of amulets and charms. We are only now rediscovering many of the healing practices used by the ancients.

Historically, gem stones have been associated with royalty. The Bible refers to crystals over 200 times. Throughout the ages crystals and gemstones have been known by many to stimulate processes of transformation and healing.

Each crystalline form has its own unique personality and vibration. Crystals may be used to transform, conduct, amplify or transmit energy and light. Minerals and precious gems are active healing agents that radiate light and energy. This radiation has a natural influence on biological organisms. Healing stones allow one to access and utilize energies that permeate the entire universe.

Karin_purple793The atmosphere we live in affects our emotional and physical health. Healing crystals can have a positive effect on our environment.

A crystal contains absorbed light. So when a crystal is placed directly on the body, it can influence the “light communication” between cells. Particular reactions are triggered as these energies interact. They influence the body’s system according to what is required at the time. A stone will offer information in the form of radiant energy. If this energy is accepted, healing will take place.

Healing with crystals is an information therapy as are Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies and Aromatherapy. In each case it is not the chemical substance that is effective. Rather it is the information emitted by it which produces healing results.

A stone chosen to suit the needs and personality of an individual will be more successful than one chosen randomly. Any ordinary stone may produce a result. It depends upon an individual’s receptivity as well as what is required in that moment.

lapis celestite et alCrystal healing is a non-intrusive method for developing the ability to heal from within. Healing stones can be used to clear the aura, balance the chakras and to loosen old energy patterns. The effect of a healing stone, however, will be temporary unless the information gained is recognized and transformed into action.

It is the insight gained from a stone that releases old energy patterns. If we do not stop repeating our old habits these patterns will return. Crystals are aids for healing. We can use them to support us in changing the problems we ourselves have created.

~ Karin Burgermeister, Crystal Healer
Sahara Minerals
Member of Gem & Mineral Federation of Canada


Gotta Love Those Power Tools

I’ve been training in this energy-based system for over twenty years now. The number of “Power” tools that I’ve added to my “tool belt” is impressive. I am so grateful for the safety these tools provide me.  And I feel so much appreciation for the new ways I’ve learned of loving – myself and others.  But, mostly I can’t wait to share how much laughter and joy there is for me in doing this energetic work.

About eighteen years ago, I traveled to Peru by myself.  Did I mention how grateful I am for the safety and protection I experience with my Power tools? It was an amazing journey for me. And I still laugh out loud when I remember this part of my trip.

I was staying an extra day and night at Machu Picchu.  The second day at the ruins I ran into a fantastic tour guide who had led my Cusco city tour.  Her name is Marcella, and she is a full descendent of the Incan tribe.  She saw something in me that she really connected with. She was especially interested when I was working flat out in energy, really using my power tools. Magnetic Compass

This day, Marcella was leading a tour with a group of engineers. With her group’s permission, she asked me to join them.  And this is how I came to be in the Temple of the Sun, where the famous sundial is centered.  On each side of the sundial, there is a smaller rock that the Incas believe holds the energy for the sundial. Marcella asked if anyone had a compass.  I did, and I readily volunteered its service.  Marcella asked me to place the compass on one of these “guardian” rocks. As I placed it, I thought it behaved quite nicely, even if I said so myself. As I gazed upon its stillness with pride, Marcella leaned over and whispered in my ear, “What are you doing, Patreecia?  It is supposed to spin very fast!”

I realized that I was using several of my favorite tools to hold the compass still. I had thought that was what a compass should do. As the meaning of Marcella’s words settled, I consciously relaxed my power tools. Immediately, the compass needle started spinning very fast.  And Marcella finally exhaled.

It took all my self control not to laugh out loud with joy!  After the tour was over, Marcella and I had quite a talk over a cold soda.  We found that we had the same kind of energetic insights.  And yes – we ended up laughing till we had tears of joy streaming down our faces.

Joy.  That is a gift I always take from doing this work and using these tools.  Not only is the joy always there, but there are joyful surprises as well.  Thank goodness the Universe always keeps me in awe of the possibilities that are created from each event.  And each event is grounded in an exploration of light, love…..and of course, joy!

~ Patty Ferris  – Public Speaker
Level III Teacher and Spiritual Counselor

The Power of Quiet

I’ve always known I was shy. Some people call me reserved. I don’t do small talk well. I called myself “socially inept” because of my discomfort in crowds and at parties. Anywhere with lots of people or noise was a place to be avoided.

All my life, I viewed this as a problem – something to be fixed. As I grew more mature, I stopped trying to fit in. I started avoiding social engagements, especially parties, and I stayed out of crowds whenever I had the choice. By then, I was sort of defiant about it. But I was ready to claim my right to be the way I am. Except that I still felt like there was something wrong because I am this way.

Recently a good friend recommended Susan Cain’s book called “Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking”. I chose the audiobook as I have more listening time than reading time. As I listened, I had many “aha!” moments. I could see more clearly why I felt something was wrong with being this way.

Susan Cain’s TED Talk – The Power of Introverts is a great introduction to the “Quiet Revolution”. It’s 20 minutes.
quiet please
The most important distinction I learned was how it simply comes down to the amount of stimulation one is comfortable with. We’re all wired differently. We’re all somewhere on a spectrum between introverted and extroverted. And the amount of stimulation we can deal with comfortably in any given moment is situational.

Now, all labels aside, I love quiet. I no longer own a TV. I only listen to the radio long enough to find out what the bridge traffic is like 🙂 I don’t read the paper or listen to the news. I can actually feel my energy drain when I pay too much attention to the media.

So I’m celebrating the Power of Quiet. Quiet solitude is a place of creativity and epiphany. Quiet allows me to regroup, recharge and remember who I am. And for those who need the higher levels of stimulation, bless you. And thank you for understanding when I turn down the volume or leave the party early. I’m just happy I no longer feel like I need to apologize for it.

~ Nancy Marsh

Living with Things that Sting

In the spring, a few years back, I noticed a small hornets’ nest in my outdoor kitchen. I was dismayed. Why would the hornets want to make their nest there? How was I going to get rid of it without being stung a hundred times? Would I have to pay someone to kill them? Well that didn’t feel right. They were just doing what hornets do …. whatever that is. Surely they didn’t deserve to die for living their life. What else was I to do?

Then I had the pleasure of visiting with Dorothy MacLean who started Findhorn in Scotland. I was reminded of a time that they relocated a colony of moles by asking them to move. The next day they saw a parade of moles moving to their new home in the adjacent land.

I decided I would ask the hornets to move. I tuned to their vibration, to the queen hornet specifically. Her energy seemed to steadily and gently invite my alignment. Not quite believing I was doing this, I found myself silently asking her what to do. I was asking from the heart, without words if you know what I mean. I felt her response in a sweet, calm energy reflected in their thrumming, flying vibrations. There was a steadiness and a strong willingness to work with a human. I felt honoured … then surprised that I felt honoured by a hornet. I mean really, it was pretty weird!

Over the summer the hornets’ nest grew and so did the hornets. The spring hornets were tiny and by midsummer they were about an inch long. They were highly focussed flyers and amazing paper nest builders. Each day I observed them with awe and wonder – as well as with a quiet but steady terror reminding me I was still afraid.

I learned that the queen creates a tiny nest in which she builds a hexagonal structure for each egg. After laying an egg, she protects each hexagon with a silken dome, anchored to the larger nest. Apparently, the ancient Chinese used this as a model for their papermaking.


All summer long, the hornets’ nest drew a great many human visitors. More than a dozen power trainers witnessed its growth and probably have their own stories. At one point, I needed a phone jack inches from the hornets’ nest. Three beefy alpha males showed up to do the install. They were the most entertaining human visitors – jumping around, swearing oaths. One wanted to throw rocks at it. I calmly told them I had an agreement with the hornets and all they had to do was get out of the flight path. Once I pointed it out, these guys got out of the hornets’ way and the swearing stopped.

And then, an interesting thing happened. One by one, each guy came to me – out of earshot of his mates. One started to talk about energy lines. Another made ‘meaningful’ eye contact as he left asking what really was going on. I told him I was overcoming a lifelong fear. The third told me that, because he had been hurt as a child when he tried to share his gifts, he’d been hiding them away, not able to talk about them. That is, until now.

Well, by October, the hornets were gone. I was unexpectedly sad. One hornet returned a few days after the rest left and slowly walked around the outside of the magnificent art form that is their nest. She was dying. It was her time. I stood below looking up, feeling such loving gratitude for these creatures, so maligned by our culture.

I learned so much in such a short time from these creatures. They taught me about:

  • birthing inside a hexagon under a silken dome. 
  • making and honouring a contract with another life form – the wavelength we call ‘hornet’. 
  • shifting my consciousness and using perspective. 
  • how shifting my own consciousness causes the consciousness of others to shift. 
  • humility in surrendering to the flow of life force.

My life was enriched that summer, living with things that sting.

~ Leslie Robinson, Level II Teacher

At the End of the Parade

So often in my life, I have expected a big brassy fanfare or an elegant display of light to precede big spiritual moments. When I find myself waiting for the fanfare, I’m reminded of a time from my teen years.

I grew up in a small town about sixty miles outside of Chicago, where the suburbs halt and give way to the cornfields. Although my high school was quite small, our marching band was quite good and quite a bit larger than one would expect.

marching bandOne year, our band was invited to march in the famous Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade. It was freezing that day. But even with the cold and long time waiting in line, we were all entering a new chapter in our lives. Many of us had never been to Chicago before. Few had witnessed such a huge community of spectators. For sure none of us had seen so many bagpipes at one time before.

We felt so good that day! The notes from our instruments expanded in a regal way as they bounced from skyscraper to skyscraper. And in these last 40 years thinking about that day, I don’t recall our marching band ever looking or sounding so good.

So where am I going with this? We won first place out of over 50 marching bands in the parade. And because no one had ever heard of our small town, we were lined up near the back of the parade. We didn’t even make it on the three hours of TV coverage. We surprised everyone that year. None of us cared about the recognition. We each knew the experience was perfect just for us.

Throughout my life, spiritual mo

ments of any magnitude came in like this. The fanfare was of a different type and always took me by surprise. It was never what I expected. Sometimes it would touch a different place in my life than I envisioned. Most of the time, these moments of magnitude come quietly at the end of the parade. But without exception, each time that I am gifted with a real connection to Spirit, to Source, to the Universe, I am amazed at its perfection.

~ by Patty Ferris – Public Speaker
Level III Teacher and Spiritual Counselor with Training in Power Academy

One of the Most Unbreakable Powers Of All

I recently had a stirring conversation with Shaughna Born, a colleague/teacher/friend of mine. We were discussing the trait of loyalty. I shared that I had been wrestling with a relationship in which I feel that trait has been a detriment. Loyalty has always felt like a double-edged sword. When I’m loyal to someone, I feel compelled to remain in a loving space even when trust is broken. Sometimes, that feels like the worst kind of double bind. Do you hold that space or do you walk away?

I’d like to share what Shaughna said to me. It helped me so profoundly and perhaps you might also benefit from hearing it.

“Loyalty is a beautiful and valuable thing. It requires discernment. Make sure you invest it wisely. It is one of the most unbreakable powers of all.”

Walking Away

I realized that having discernment doesn’t mean that I lose that person or the love I have for them, if I choose to remove myself. It means I can keep holding that healing space open, and hold my loyalty to what will surely be a better place for us in the future, whatever that looks like. Now, my power to wield the purity of loyalty remains a positive characteristic, and not a weakness. The trick is, the discernment must be made in power, not in anger or hurt. This keeps my loyalty and love intact and allows the other to step into their own.

I can’t say that I have mastered this. But I now understand the power of loyalty as a strength, and I choose to wield it from this perspective, with discernment. It feels correct to me. And I am grateful for the freedom of now reframing how I use and where I invest my loyalty, instead of just throwing it away.

~ C. Braunwarth, Level I Teacher

All My Relations

On some level, we all know that we are all one. Throughout North America, Indigenous people have a very sacred and old expression of this oneness. You may have heard it used – “All my Relations”.


I heard this expression used for years without fully understanding its meaning. A few years ago I had the honour of an elder’s explanation of the true meaning of “All my Relations”.  My previous understanding of the expression was shaped by my very limited Western teachings.

All my Relations” is used to refer to our connection to all sentient, living beings. It refers not just to humans, not even just to life on this planet, but to all sentient beings every where. That includes the living beings of the human world, the plant world, the animal world, the mineral world and the spirit world. It includes our ancestors as well as our children’s children’s children. It includes all sentient forms of life, in all times, and all places.

All my Relations” is also an acknowledgement of, and invitation to, the holy spirit beings that assist us on our spirit path. “All my Relations” acknowledges that we are all one, that we are all interdependent, that the harm of one is the harm of all just as the blessing of one is the blessing of all.

Saying “All my Relations” is a way of connecting spiritually to all of life, to all of creation, humbly, as an equal. It is also a way of acknowledging our responsibility to all of creation, to all life, a way of showing respect to all life that is here now and all life that lives for the next seven generations.


The power of that much Love stirs me very deeply and I continue to learn more about these three simple words every time I hear or use the expression. I share this learning as a way of creating more space for all those who resonate with this way of being, including me.

All my Relations,
Artemis Fire

What is Power?

Power – it’s right in our name. We say we can train you into your power. So what is this power that we’re talking about?

As usual, I start with semantics. How does the dictionary define power? Here’s the results I get when I google “define: power”:

  1. the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.
  2. the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
  3. physical strength and force exerted by something or someone
  4. energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical or other means and used to operate a device.
  5. the number of times a certain number is to be multiplied by itself [mathematics]

Good start. But what “they” don’t tell us is that everything in this Universe is energy. We are each entirely made of energy. Everything in our environment is made of energy. We’ve been conditioned to see and believe that the “things” around us are solid, unchanging. But physicists will tell you that every thing here in this world as well as in the Universe is mostly empty space. The rest is wavelength (i.e. energy). Our own body is mostly empty space.

shutterstock_237582082So from this viewpoint of everything as energy, “the ability to do something or act in a particular way” takes a different shape. It means that I am able to harness and direct the energy that is me in a focused way to get a particular result. Who decides what the result is?

I do, of course. Even if I don’t know I am choosing, I am choosing.

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” He was talking about intention or how we use intention to direct the course of events in our reality. But what is intention but thought? And thoughts are wavelength, vibration, frequency. Yes indeed, those are all ways to describe energy.

Our power lies in our mastery over our own energy. We’re not talking about mastery over others. We don’t aspire to control or exert force over others. We train into personal mastery. For me, training into my power is an ever-expanding process of becoming more conscious of how I’m choosing to place the energy that is me in each moment.

Eckhart Tolle talks about this in “The Power of Now”. He says “Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now”. There is only now. It’s the only place and time that we can have mastery. My power is in the now. Your power is in the now.

Wouldn’t you like to claim your power fully? You are the only one who can claim it and you can only claim it for yourself. So how are you choosing to bring your power into your Now?

~ by Nancy Marsh